Exhibitions in Kyiv

15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.\fax: +38 044 201 11 61

List of participants

Company name


3DP Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

design, manufacture and retail of 3D-printers and other CNC-machines of various precision levels

ABV-Story Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

FDM rapid prototyping technology in Ukraine

Agni Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supplier of abrasive, construction, industrial, hand tools and other tools; rubber plates, sleeves, durites and other rubber products and also PVC tubes

All.biz, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial web-resourse

Avantis Ltd., Zhytomir, Ukraine

repair and modernization of metal-cutting machinery, also with CNC; production of metal items of various kinds

Avtomatika Ltd, Kyiv region, Ukraine

automation of heating units

Baak International Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of high-tech protection footwear of ТМ Baak GmbH (Germany)

Bdzhilka Private Commercial Firm, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

moulds, injection moulding machines of ТМ Asian Plastic Machinery, Chen Hsong Machinery; mills, dryers, feeders and other equipment of Shini Europe; chillers of Industrial Frigo

Best Business SE, Kyiv, Ukraine

production and supply of products from various types of electrocorundum, silicone carbide, synthetic diamonds and  cubic boron nitride an also many other grinding materials and tools from these materials

Bezpeka Zhyttedialnosti, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Bio Cleaners, Kyiv, Ukraine

surface purufication substances

Bravo Spetsodyag Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production and supply of overalls, protective shoes and individual protection means

Budmayster, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Business and Safety, magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Consafety Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

wholesale and retail trade of personal protective equipment (PPE), clothing, footwear and sewing as well as special clothing rental upon request: 3М (USA), Delta Plus (France), Silber (Italy), Ansell (Belgium), Medical Footwear (Great Britain)

Diada Group Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

industrial automation means

Diamant&К Ltd, Mariupol, Ukraine

supply of composite materials for repair from German company "Diamant". Development of machinery repair technology with the use of composite materials

Eldi Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

PA, POM, PE, PTFE, PI, PVC, silicones , polyurethane, mica materials, ribbons, cords; teflon fabric, siliconised fabric PCB, glass fiber, PET film. Representative of TM LICHARZ, ISOFLON, ROYAL DIAMOND, GEHR LTD

Electrik, magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Electrotema, magazine

specialized industrial media

Equipment and Tools for Professionals, magazine, Kharkiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Ermafa GmbH, Germany

equipment for plastic materials processing and reprocessing, and also for processing of rubber

Esab Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

welding and metal-cutting equipment, materials, welder’s protection means

Euromet Trading House Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

supply of stainless steel products and tubes, industrial chemicals

Eurotexfilati Srl, Italy

production of fiber, yarn and textile materials

Faraday Electronics Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production of moulds and dies

Fort editorship, Kharkiv, Ukraine

specialized literature on labour safety

Foundry of Ukraine, magazine

specialized industrial media

Foundrymen Association of Ukraine, Kyiv

public union of scientists, officials and  operators employed in the sphere of foundry

Hammer, catalogue, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized media of B2B format, which highlights the tools of world-famous manufacturers

Himmeltek-Ukraine Trading House, Kyiv

supply of fabrics for production of workwear and uniforms, sporting and children’s clothes, military garments etc.

IBK KARE, Kyiv, Ukraine

information and editorship company

Industrial Safety (Promyslova Bezpeka), magazine

specialized media on labour protection issues

Inkos R&D Enterprise Ltd., Chernigiv, Ukraine

development and production of plastic profiles, technological equipment and auxiliaries. Profiles of hard PVC, plastic PVC pipes for pneumatics and water, PVC tape, PVC electrical insulating tubes

Institute For Super Hard Materials named after V.N. Bakul, Science and Technology Diamond Concern Alcon of National Academy of Sciences Of Ukraine, Kyiv

fundamental scientific researches of physical and chemical processes of mono and polycrystalline, disperse and film diamond and diamond-like materials creation and growth

Instrumental World, magazine, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Itton-Service Ltd., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

supply and service of rapid prototyping equipment Stratasys; production of experimental items on Fortus equipment


components for mould and die production, lubricating and conservation materials for plastics’ production, moulds' manufacture

Kaercher Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

effective complex solutions for cleaning of commercial and industrial premises

Kyiv Polytechnical University, National Technical Institute of Ukraine, Kyiv

higher educational establishment of research profile, which holds fundamental and scientific surveys in the following fields: modernization of electric power plants, new and renewable energy sources, modern energy-saving technologies

LBU-Tech Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

wholesale of polymers TM PolyOne (EU), Molykote (EU), Condat (EU)

MAS Systems Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

industrial and commercial refrigerating and climate equipment

New Technologies of Strenthening ”KARBAS” Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

strengthening the surface of machine parts by method of liquid nitriding in the salt solution

NID Group Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production of overalls for factories, uniforms, business clothes for officials and clerks

Novator Educational and Methodological Center Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

training of experts and officials of the enterprises and organizations of fire safety, labor protection, electrical safety

Optimal-MM Ltd., Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

production of mastication cylinders and screws for injection molding machines, extruders, granulators; spare parts; additional services

Pereviznyk, bulletin, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Physical&Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys under National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

research and development works

Polymer-Engineering Ltd.,  Kyiv, Ukraine

production and delivery of extrusion lines, different machines and equipment for manufacturing of polymer products – films, sheets, pipes, profiles. The firm delivers also thermoforming and CNC controlled trimming machines, equipment for mixing and recycling

Prof Build, magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Professional Safety Educational and Production Center, Kyiv, Ukraine

trainings on labor safety and industrial security; consulting, preparation of documents, production and supply of personal protection means

Promelectro, Magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Rud-Spanset Ukraine ltd., Kyiv

supply of high quality and safety lifting equipment from European manufacturers. Representative of ТМ RUD, SpanSet (Germany)

SAS-Engineering company Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

foundry; materials, equipment and technologies; fluxes for molten ferrous metals, die coatings, lubricants for die casting, crucibles for melting ferrous metals. Modernization of electric resistance. Representative of TM "SCHAFER", "GEIGER + Co" (Germany), "NOLTINA" (Germany), "KBM AFFILIPS" (Belgium), "RESCAL" (France)

Service-Chodos Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of blow molding machines made by CHODOS CHODOV s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

Siversky Prices, Chernigov, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

Skladskaya Technika Trading House Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

hoisting and transporting equipment, rollers, wheels. Representative of ТМ Blickle (Germany)

Smartprint Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D pens, spare materials for 3D printers. 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D design services. Representative of ТМ Flashforge (China), Mankati (China), David Laserscanner (Germany), Asiga (USA), DaVinci (Taiwan)

Special Training Center, training company, Kyiv, Ukraine

first medical aid courses, safety audit, consulting services

Stankin Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

coppered welding wire; repair and modernization of metal processing machines

Stankomach Joint Enterprise, Kyiv

supply of metal processing machinery: turning, milling, ram boring machines, guillotine shears, sheet bending machines produced in China (ТМ DMTG, Weida, Spiner)

State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine, Kyiv

scientific and technical literature

Steer Engineering Pvt. Ltd, India

double-screw extrusion machines, gearboxes, cylinders, screws, dosing units, special screw elements, gravity dosing devices

Svarka Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

welding equipment, materials and accessories for welding. Representative of TM ESAB (Sweden), Binzel (Germany), Jasic (China)

Svit-Inform, magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media

TCM-Technical Consulting of Microwelding, Poland

equipment for microwelding

Techosnastka Ltd., Vinnitsya, Ukraine

design and manufacture of technological equipment (moulds, dies, conductors)

Tekon & CO LTD., Kyiv, Ukraine

industrial pumps of Sterling SIHI (Germany)  

Tokopodvod&Electroprivod Company Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

single-girder bridge cranes, cable reels, trolley track, cable trolleys; assembly, reconstruction and modernization of weight liftinf cranes; power and data transfer systems CONDUCTIX Wampfler AG (Germany)

topbiz.com.ua, Kyiv, Ukraine

specialized industrial web-resourse

UHL-MASH PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

production of produces equipment for car service stations, workbenches, tool carts, tool cabinets, industrial metal furniture, versatile shelving, office and clerical metal furniture, laboratory furniture, safes, telecommunications and server cabinets

Ukrainian National Company “Ukrverstatoinstrument”, Kyiv, Ukraine

machines, metal-cutting equipment and tools

Ukrgasservice Complex PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of welding materials of company «Rival RHC» TM «GOLD» and «MOST» (Poland)

UkrPromLiftSvar Lrd., Kyiv, Ukraine

services for enterprices who are engaged in hazardous activities. Professional training. Welders' attestation. Electrotechnical laboratory

Union casting LTD, Kyiv, Ukraine

supply scientific-technical, industrial and commercial information with practical application to Ukrainian foundry producers to promote foundry development: publishing “Union casting” magazine, directory-informational literature about Ukrainian foundry producers as well as about the producers of foundry-related goods

Unitop Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of integrated security systems of MOBOTIX, SIMONS VOSS (Germany)

Vacuum technologies Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

vacuum pumps of: R-5, Mink series; vacuum oil VM-100, VE-101; filters: exhaust, oil, air type. Service and technical support for pumps

Victoria Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of metal balls (ШХ -15, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, silicon and molybdenum, made from special steel), plastic balls, glass, ceramic etc. Representative of ТМ «HARP» (Ukraine), CODEX (Slovenia), VGI (France), WLK (Taiwan)

Vishnevoe Shoe Factory Ltd., Ukraine

protective shoes production under VITALIYA trademark

VML Ltd., Obukhiv, Kyiv region, Ukraine

injection molding machines of Haitian (China): energy saving (savings up to 80%), fully electric, budget, two platens (molding of large products)

Vostok-Service Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

selection anf comprehensive supply of individual protection means, overalls and protective shoes of the best trademarks of the world, like: UVEX, UVEX-HECKEL, 3М, Ansell, NITRAS, Spirotek, PLUM, PANDA, Safe-Tec, JSP, AJ Group, Honeywell Safety, MSA Safety, CERVA and others

Vygranenko Y.A. Private Entrepreneur, Kyiv region, Ukraine

WIDOS (Germany) – plastic welding technology and supply of industry components; HAHN Gasfedern (Germany), gas-filled springs (shock absorbers) for various industrial purposes

Vyshneve Casting and Forging Plant PJSC, Kyiv region, Ukraine

forging and casting products

Welding Ltd., Kyiv region, Ukraine

leading Ukrainian producer of extrusion-type welding equipment and materials for plastics welding. Representative of companies RITMO (Italy), MEMPEKS (Belarus)

World of Automatization, magazine, Ukraine

specialized industrial media