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On March 31st to April 2nd, 2015 at the International Exhibition Center (Kyiv, Brovarsky Ave., 15, "Livoberezhna" underground station) International Specialized Exhibition «Kyiv Technical Fair-2015» and VII International Specialized Exhibition «Metalworking. Tools. Plastics-2015» took place.
International Exhibition Center Ltd. organizes these exhibitions every year.

Both events attracted vivid interest of the guests. Over 2 500 trade visitors from Ukraine and abroad attended the exhibitions. 85 exhibitors displayed the variety of their products, developments and services. These events have become traditional and highly expected technical exhibitions in the spring season, which unite companies of various industries on a single site.

The exhibitions presented to the general public technologies and products in the fields of metallurgy, casting, metalworking, machine-tool building; technologies and equipment for plastics production and processing; products and services for labour safety, industrial innovations.

In present-day conditions of the domestic consumer market, Ukrainian producers, more than ever, need to demonstrate their achievements, confirming the competitiveness of their products and show willingness to develop domestic industrial production.

Visitors had the opportunity to evaluate the richness and diversity of exposure, and participants noted the undoubted benefit of the event for promotion of their products.

Companies involved in foundry industry have become an integral part of the exposition, showing technologies, materials and services of: «SAS - Engineering Company» Ltd., «Euromet Trading House» Ltd., «Vyshneve Casting and Forging Plant» PJSC, «Lytvo++» agency, «Union Casting» company, Physical&Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys under National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Taking into account the wishes of many participants and visitors, the organizer - "International Exhibition Center" - decided to keep clear trend in this direction in the International specialized exhibition "Kyiv Technical Fair" and thus to begin a special exhibition "UkrFoundry" as part of the annual flagship engineering exhibition "International Industrial Forum", which this year will take place on November 24th to 27th.

Equipment and tools for metalworking, as well as repair and modernization of machine tools, a wide range of components for mechanical engineering have traditionally been presented at the booths of «Avantis» Ltd., «Agni» Ltd., «Vacuum Technologies» Ltd., «Victoria» Ltd., «Diamant&K» Ltd., «New Technologies of Strengthening «KARBAS» Ltd., «Stankomach» Ltd., «Tecon&Co» Ltd. It is worth noticing that the exhibition has been a good opportunity for scientific research institutions, such as Physical&Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys under National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute For Super Hard Materials named after V.N. Bakul, Science and Technology Diamond Concern Alcon of National Academy of Sciences Of Ukraine, National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnical Institute», to share their latest developments to a wide audience of interested visitors.

At the specialized exhibition "Plastics" experts had an opportunity to get information about innovative technologies in the field of plastics production and processing, development of moulds, to establish or re-establish the contacts with the following suppliers of equipment, services and raw materials — «Bdzhilka» Private Commercial Firm, «VML» Ltd., «Eldi» Ltd., «К°Vota» Small-Scale Enterprise, «LBU-Tech» Ltd., «MAS Systems» Ltd., «Optimal-ММ» Ltd., «Polymer-Engineering» Ltd., «Service-Chodos» Ltd., «Techosnastka» Ltd., «Faraday-Electronics» Ltd., «WIDOS Ukraine» Ltd., «Welding» Ltd., and also R&D Enterprise «Inkos» Ltd. — the unique producer of extrusion lines in Ukraine.

The undoubted ornament of this year’s event were 3D-printers, presented by "3Dp" Ltd., "Itton Service" Ltd. (TM Prostir 3D) and "Smartprint" Ltd. It was impossible to look away from the process of the devices creating the required volumetric forms. Probably a time will come soon when "on demand" manufacture will be an average thing in our society having its own economic strategy, and 3D stamping will be commonplace for many areas of life.

The section of industrial automation was represented by «Diada Group» Ltd. and «Avtomatika» Ltd.

Significant demand has been put to equipment and materials for welding, cutting and surface treatment, displayed at the booths of «ESAB Ukraine» Ltd., «UkrGasService - Complex» Ltd., «Zvaruvannya» Ltd. TCM-Technical Consulting of Microwelding from Poland presented the high-tech equipment for microwelding.

It is impossible to ignore the exposure of material handling and storage equipment, which were presented by: «Rud-Spanset Ukraine» Ltd., «Tokopodvod&Electroprivod Company» Ltd. (PTE), «Skladskaya Technika Trading House» Ltd.

«UHL-MASH» PE presented samples of ergonomic industrial metal furniture of own production. A brand new product the company is a table for welding and cutting, equipped with modern ventilation system.

A bright presentation of high-tech industrial cleaning equipment was made by «Kaercher» Ltd.: from vacuum cleaners and dry and wet cleaning machines to high-pressure cleaning devices, dry ice equipment for systems and containers cleaning.

Visitors were able to see the samples of personal protective means, overalls and protective shoes from leading domestic and foreign producers at the booths of «Consafety» Ltd., «NID Group» Ltd., «Vostok-Service» Ltd., «Bravo Spetsodyag» Ltd., «BAAK International» Ltd., «Vyshneve Shoe Factory» Ltd., «ESAB Ukraine» Ltd. «Educational and Methodical Center Novator», «UkrPromLiftZvar» Ltd., «Educational Center «Professional Safety», «FORT» editorship offered their services to train officials of the enterprises on OSH. Every day during the exhibition the specialists of the training company «Special Training Center» conducted practical training seminars on first medical aid. Everyone had the opportunity to acquire basic practical knowledge and work them into practice in the use of simulators. «Educational and Methodical Center Novator» conducted traditionally informative seminars on industrial safety, certification and attestation of workplaces for OSH specialists of enterprises.

Presence among the participants a significant number of companies involved in the field of industrial safety, suggests that issues of safety and ergonomics daily activities today are becoming more relevant.

The organizers are grateful to all exhibitors for their hard work and positive feedback.

The next editions of the events:
- International Specialized Exhibition «Kyiv Technical Fair — 2016»
- VIII International Specialized Exhibition «Metalworking. Tools. Plastics — 2016»
are planned on March 29th to 31st, 2016.