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The XIV International Industrial Forum took place on November 24th to 27th in the territory of International Exhibition Centre.
Since 2005 International Industrial Forum has been included into the list of events officially certified and approved by International Fair Association (UFI). Every year Forum confirms its status of the most significant exhibition in Ukraine in the domain of metal processing and machine - building.
The organizer of the event is International Exhibition Centre Ltd.

International Industrial Forum in 2015 occupied 10 000 sq.m. of exhibition space, the number of participants of the specialized exhibitions within the Forum made up 298 enterprises, presenting machinery, products and technologies of 28 countries. Forum was visited by 7 562 specialists.

“Metalworking” exposition traditionally makes the core of the event. Both domestic and foreign manufacturers demonstrated at their booths the latest developed items of machines and tools.

MOTOR SICH JSC demonstrated at their booth the universal machine - tools produced by Lubny Machine - Tool - Building Plant: precision circular grinding and flat surface grinding machines, machines for crankshafts rounding, CNC semiautomatic lathe, vertical drilling bench machine. Experimental construction bureau of MOTOR SICH presented the samples of programmable turnplates of their own design. Also MOTOR SICH booth provided a good opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technological processes, mastered at the enterprise.

Aramis Ltd, a domestic manufacturer of technological equipment for material processing, demonstrated an up-to-date model of laser cutting machine series AFL-3000, with the enhanced mechanics of portal mechanism, which allows to realize the potential of powerful lasers in full volume.

Automatic turning machine 1240Ф4-6А, displayed at the booth of Avantis Production and Trade Company, did not stop working even for a minute. A constant exhibitor Sumy Plant Energomach brought to demonstrate the band saw machines СЛП-8535 and СЛП-8550. The highlight of Abplanalp Ukraine SE exposition was a brand-new product range of Yawei-EPT: sheet bending machine PBH-110/3100-6C and guillotine shears HGSK-6-3050. Great attention of visitors was paid to panel bending machine TruBend Center 5030 of ТМ TRUMPF presented for the first time in Ukraine by Sfera - Techno Ltd company.

At the booth of KNUTH Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH a turning machining center STAHLWERK ORION 6TLM was presented, whose specific features were modern slanted, durable and resistant to vibration frame with high quality of processing, automatic turret head from the servomotor and drive tools, measuring system HPRA Renishaw and CNC systems FANUC.

An ornament of Technical Centre VariUs Ltd exposition was the precision turning center DOOSAN LYNX 220Y. Zenitech - Ukraine company, being the exclusive distributor of sheet bending machinery of the Turkish manufacturer MVD Inan, presented the up-to-date model of CNC bending press MVD iBend B135-3100, which caused unprecedented interest among visitors. Traditionally attractive was the stand of MachEnTech Ltd company, where this year four units of spark erosion machinery were shown: AVIA VMC 650, Comec, Mitsubishi MV 1200 R and Sunnen SV10.

Constant participants, such as Imperia Metalov Ltd, Stan - Complect JV, Stankopromimport Ltd, Toolpress - Techno Ltd, Yuzhstankomach Ltd and many others keep the tradition of annual presentation of new developments, both their own and foreign partners’, at the International Industrial Forum.

Exposition of metal - cutting tools within “Metalworking” included a variety of world - famous brands, like GUEHRING (Germany), SANDVIK COROMANT (Sweden), TaeguTec (South Korea), Walter (Germany), Vargus (Israel), ZCC Cutting Tools (Germany), as well as domestic manufacturers of metal - cutting tools Private R&D Company Microtech (Kharkiv), PJSC Poltava Diamond Tool, PE Instrument - Service (Vinnitsya), PE MIOS Company (Lviv region) and many others.

Industrial companies of the Czech Republic, the Republic of Slovenia and Turkey were represented by collective expositions.

A bright chapter of International Industrial Forum – 2015 became the largest in its history exposition of industrial robots. Specialists of Fanuc Ukraine company invited everyone to their “yellow world” at one of the central booths of the exhibition. The visitors had an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with innovative solutions, presented simultaneously at two booths of Fronius Ukraine company. Their main novelty was the welding platform TPS/i Robotics – innovative system for solution of a variety of welding tasks, which fully implements the Intellectual Revolution and sets new standards for the interaction between human and machine. Robots of ТМ Panasonic at the booth of KB Robotics Engineering Ltd, TM MOTOMAN at the booth of Triada Ltd. Co, ТМ KUKA presented by Centrospaw Ukraine Ltd. enjoyed the unceasing interest of visitors.

Real-time welding works were conducted at the booths of Fronius Ukraine Ltd, Summit Ltd, Centrospaw Ukraine Ltd, Idel PE and other exhibitors. Rich and original were the expositions of Zvaruvannya Ltd. (partner of TM ESAB), Binzel Ukraine GmbH Ltd and Jackle Schweiss- und Schneidtechnik GmbH.

A constant flow of guests was observed at the stands of domestic producers: Autogenous Equipment Plant Donmet Ltd (which celebrated its 25th anniversary this year), Zond ALC, Vitapolis Ltd, Techmach R&D Enterprise and Sumy - Electrode Ltd.

On November 23rd to 27th 2015 the XI Welders’ Competition “Benardos Cup – 2015” took place in Kyiv. The awarding ceremony of competitors took place in a solemn atmosphere at the booths of “UkrWelding” exhibitors, who were also sponsors of the competition: Summit Ltd, Binzel Ukraine GmbH and Idel PE. Participants of “UkrWelding” specialized exhibition shared the opinion that the event can be assuredly considered to be the main expo-ground for professionals in the field of welding, cutting and soldering in Ukraine.

Analysis of visitors’ registration forms showed growing interest to “Hydraulics. Pneumatics” and “Bearings” exhibitions. The interest is probably caused by every-year presence of constant exhibitors: Galpidshipnik Trading House PE, Hennlich Ukraine Ltd, Getriebebau Nord Gesellshaft mbh, Irbis Trading House Ltd, ITO - Production Ltd, Camozzi Ltd, Power Belt Ltd, Sew - Eurodrive Ltd, Siemens Ukraine Subsidiary company with 100% foreign investment, Festo Subsidiary company, Motorimpex Kharkiv External Trading Company Ltd and many other companies and brands.

Companies – suppliers of such necessary products for machine - building as industrial chemicals and lubricants are always active participants of International Industrial Forum. Among them are: Swiss ТМ Blaser, Eurosmazki Ld. (ТМ Kluber Lubrication, Petrofer, Perma - tec), Industrial Oils I.L.S. Trading House Ltd (ТМ Castrol, BP, Promol), Fuchs Mastyla Ukraine Ltd (TM FUCHS) and others. Invent Group company presented at their booth the products of ТМ Shell, coldproof coolant of their own TM SKY, technological liquids of Houghton company and also metalworking tools of ТМ Gühring and Maier.

It is a pleasure to admit that specialized exhibition “Hoisting and Transporting, Storehouse Equipment” kept the same size as it was in previous years. Its constant exhibitors consider their participation as a good investment to the future of their businesses. Beside European brands, like “Skladova Technika”, “PodemCrane” (Bulgaria), Blickle, RUD, Spanset (Germany), Pewag Austria, Pewag Schneeketten, KWB, H.F.S. (Austria) and others, Ukrainian manufacturers also presented their products: Kharkiv Hoisting and Transporting Machinery Plant Ltd, Promtechconstruction Research and Production Small Private Enterprise, Tokopodvod&Electroprivod Company Ltd, Krankomplekt Plant R&D Company Ltd, Kyiv Handling Machinery Plant Ltd and others.

Participants of specialized exhibitions “UkrPromAutomation” and “Patterns, Standards and Instruments” customarily displayed at their booths the whole spectrum of equipment and software, which are in demand in every field of production: weight measuring equipment (Ukrainian - American company Koda, PE Mika), laboratory equipment and furniture (Macrolab Ltd, Chemlaborreactive Ltd.), control and measuring devices (TM NOVOTEST, Wika - Prylad Ltd, Intron - Set Ltd, Microl Ltd and others), design automation, engineering design, preparation of manufacture and product lifecycle management CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/PLM (Technopolice Firm Ltd, Regmik Research and Production Company PE), automation equipment, frequency converters, level sensors, monitoring and control systems (Praslin Plus Ltd, Refit Ltd). Chemlaborreactive company presented testing instruments of world leading manufacturers Trotec, Optris and Kobold, Macroscope Leica DVM 6 Micro Durometer Q30 Austrian company Qness and other precision equipment. Diagnostic Devices Ltd company organized a seminar dedicated to non - destructive testing within the bounds of Forum; ASCON - KP and DSM - Trade at their booth made a presentation of the latest technologies for printing, scanning and translation of blueprints into electronic form.

Specialized exhibition “Industrial Safety” every year brings together the manufacturers of protective clothing, footwear and means of individual and collective protection, like Vyshneve Shoe Factory, Krok Proma Ltd, Ukrtextile (TM OZON) and others, in particular, representatives of education and training centers on labour safety.

In 2015 State Labour Service of Ukraine held its collegium within International Industrial forum. This fact undoubtedly confirms the importance of the exhibition to enhance the efficiency of activities conducted at the national level to ensure the safety at the workplaces.

To sum up the results of XIV International Industrial Forum – 2015, some relevant figures should be admitted:


1. Geography of exhibitors




Exhibitors from Ukraine



Exhibitors from CIS and foreign countries






2. Structure of exhibitors
(manufacturers or dealers/suppliers of products at Ukrainian market)










Organizers of ХIV International Industrial Forum express their thankfulness to all participants of specialized exhibitions and also to mass media for bright and true-to-life description of the event.
Hope to see you again in 2016!