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15 Brovarskyi Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
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Company name


Abplanalp Ukraine SE, Kyiv

machines, equipment, tooling, supplies for metalworking, lubricating materials. Representnative of ТМ Haas, MATE (USA), SafanDarley (the Netherlands), Yawei - Nisshinbo (China - Japan), Sartorius (Germany), Kyocera (Japan), Blaser (Switzerland)

Abramat Ltd, Kharkiv, Ukraine

production of flexible abrasives - grinding flapwheels, flapwheels from non-woven abrasive materials, combined spindle mounted flapwheels, polishing felt flapwheels etc.

Agro-Center Private Company, Rivne, Ukraine

exclusive representative in Ukraine of oils MOGUL made in Paramo (Czech Republic), bearings ZVL Slovakia, belts, rubber seals Gufero, chains TAGEX (Germany)

Agromyr-Volyn Ltd., Volyn region, Ukraine

wholesale and retail of chains for camshaft drive of motor vehicles; bicycles and motorcycles, snowmobiles, conveyors and various drive systems; agricultural machinery and woodworking equipment; lifting mechanisms; packaging and other equipment. Representative of TM DITTON (Latvіa)

Akyapak Machinery, Turkey

production of metal procssing machines

Alba-Stroy Ltd., Kyiv region, Ukraine

balls, rollers, valve pairs, ball bearings. The official representative of the Italian group producer RGPBALLS Srl.

Alcon, The Science and Technology Diamond Concern, Kyiv

tools equipped with super hard materials effectively used in various industrial and aerospace manufactories at machining of metallic materials, natural stone, wood, at prospecting and production drilling for oil and gas. The powders and tools from super hard materials are widely exported to different countries including Japan, Great Britain, USA, Germany and Russia

Alexeychyk V.V. PE, Kharkiv region, Ukraine

vulcanite wheels, flap grinding wheels, end flap wheels, polishing paste, abrasives and related materials

Alucast, s.r.o., Czech Republic

precise and highly sophisticated aluminum castings by investment casting technology - lost wax method; machined or with surface treatment according to aviation standards

Anaj, a.s., Czech Republic

production and development of screw gear cutting milling of materials HSS, PM and HM; engineering and design tools; special and standard tools for industrial production

Anshan Anza Electronic Power Co. LTD, China

lighting, electrical insulating materials, oil and gas and chemical industry, agricultural machinery, materials and products from plastic and rubber, alternative energy, security and fire-fighting, components, etc.

Araise Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

equipment for welding and cutting, welding materials, accessories and consumables. TM representative ESAB (Sweden)

Aramis Ltd., Cherkasy, Ukraine

laser cutting, CNC laser cutting, waterjet cutting machines

Arsida Ltd., kharkiv, Ukraine

laser, plasma machines, welding robots

Ascon-KP Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

business solutions "End to End 3D-technology", the creation of CAD, implementation and training: KOMPAS-3D, PILOT: the PLM, VERTICAL, Gulfstream, Pilot-ICE, Enterprise, Renga Architecture

Aton-Service Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

design, supply, installation and commissioning of energy - saving equipment for industrial enterprises: aspiration systems, ventilators, waste disposal, vacuum pumps, hoses, accessories

AV Polystar Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

vulcanite wheels, flap grinding wheels, end flap wheels, polishing paste, abrasives and related materials

Avantis Production and Trade Company Ltd., Zhymomyr, Ukraine

repair and modernization of metal-cutting equipment, including those with CNC, metal production of various complexity

Aviatools Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

pneumatic, hydraulic, magnetic and assembly tools. Official dealer of Chicago Pneumatic, Helios Preisser, ITH, Pan American Tools, Braillon Magnetics

AXA CNC-stroje, s.r.o., Czech Republic

machining centres

Batex Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of metal processing machines of TM AMADA (Japan) GOODWAY, DAHLIH, EVERISING, AKIRA-SEIKI (Taiwan)

Best Business SE, Kyiv, Ukraine

production and supply of products from various types of electrocorundum, silicone carbide, synthetic diamonds and cubic boron nitride an also many other grinding materials and tools from these materials

Bestmach PE, Dnipro, Ukraine

bandsaw machines, machines with circular saws, band saws, circular saws, line of steel profiles and sheets. Representative of TM BEHRINGER WIKUS, VERNET BEHRINGER, TENRYU, EISELE

Biko company Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

individual protection means, industrial abrasives, industrial fabrics, materials for auto repair, adhesives, sealants and threaded fasteners, cleaning materials, equipment and materials for toilet rooms. Representative of TM 3M (USA), Kimberly - Clark Professional (USA), Polyco (UK)

Binzel Ukraine GmbH Ltd., Kyiv region

welding equipment and accessories. Representative of ТМ ABICOR BINZEL, KAYSER, PROTEC, JÄCKLE, WELDSTONE

Blesk Metal Service Ltd., Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

manufacture of hardware, design and manufacture of electroplating equipment, rectifiers for galvanizing lines. Representative of TM Kraft Powercon (Sweden)

Bondioli and Pavesi Ukraine Ltd., Ternopil region

hydraulic actuators; hydraulic motors; valves; cylinders; dosing pumps of TM Bondioli & Pavesi (Italy)

Bortek Ltd, Boryspil, Ukraine

development and production of thermal - electric equipment, drying ovens, water purification systems etc.

CADS Centre R&D company Ltd., Lviv, Ukraine

integrated solutions CAD / CAM / CAE / PDM. Consulting, supply of software and hardware, training, support, project implementation. Software by: Delcam PLc (Great Britain), ASCON and their partners. Computer modeling, design, process technology, project management and technical documentation, technological production preparation for CNC machines. Automated calculations. Mobile coordinate measuring equipment from FARO Technologies Inc. (USA). Works for scanning, measurement and reversinzhynirynhu. Delivery of cutting tools TARGET (Germany)

Camozzi Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production and supply of Camozzi pneumatic equipment

Center of Techniсal Support "MEM" Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

metal cutting tools, hand tools, pneumatic tools. Representative of ТМ HAHN+KOLB (Germany), FANAR (Poland), NPK, DIJET (Japan), CANELA (Spain)

Centre of Innovation Technologies LM Ltd., Dnepr, Ukraine

wholesale of metal cutting and abrasive tools, machinery and equipment. Representative of ТМ TYROLIT (Austria), KANTHAL (Sweden)

Centrospaw Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

supply of welding consumables and equipment. Representative of TM Tecna (Italy), Hypertherm (USA), EWM (Germany)

Chasov Yar Refractory Products Plant PE, Donetsk region, Ukraine

manufacture of refractory products, materials, production of refractory clay, clay for ceramic tile, molding sands

Chemlaborreactive Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

complex supply of equipment, furniture and consumables for laboratories. Representative of TM Trotec, Optris, Cobold (Germany), QNESS (Austria), TQC (Netherlands)

Chernigiv Mechanical Plant PJSC, Ukraine

manufacture of guillotine machines and levelers, metal structures, metal forms and equipment for concrete, non-standard equipment

Cit Research&Production
Small-Scale Company, Kirovograd, Ukraine

dies, molds, tooling, other modelling and technological items

Columb CP LTD., Kyiv, Ukraine

flags, banners and pennants; flagpoles and accessories for flagpoles, stands for flags, and pennants; awards, badges, medals, badges, certificate; Souvenir products (including VIP); heraldic products; gifts for anniversaries, celebrations; interior advertising

Consafety Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

personal protective means of Ukrainian producers, as well as TM 3M (US), PORTWEST (United Kingdom), OXYPAS, SAFETY JOGGER (Belgium)

Contact Dnipro Engineering and Technical Centre PJSC, Ukraine

metalworking machinery, tools, repair and modernization of CNC machine tools, automation systems, laser alignment, vibration diagnostics.
Representative of ТМ Hoffmann Group (Germany), Korloy Inc (South Korea), Mazak (Japan), DAVI (Italy), 3M (Ukraine)

CzechTrade, Kyiv

foreign representation of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Dalgakiran Compressor Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

compressors, diesel power stations, industrial cooling systems, dryers and filters of compressed air, blowers, pumps, spare parts and service of high level

Delta - Modern Technologies Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

supply of equipment and tools for metalworking and mechanical engineering. Representative of TM Meba (Germany), Technomark (France), Peddinghaus (USA), Soraluce (Spain), Promotech (Poland) and others

Demix Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

storage and handling equipment, machine tools, power tools, service and warranty repair service. Epresentative of TM НС, UNICARRIERS, Hyundai, Skipеr, Dieci

Desta PE, Rivne, Ukraine

production of markings and information labels (nameplates), PVC trim panels, low temperature decals

Deutch Instrument Ltd, Kirovograd, Ukraine

tools, including: drills, reamers, countersinks, shoulder and disk cutters; cutting, flap and grinding wheels and many others. Representative of ТМ RUKO, Nachreiner, R.Schroder - Peddinghaus, Gunter Wendt, Orbis (Germany)

Diada Group Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

design and manufacture of industrial electric drive, automation systems; supply of industrial automation components

Diagnostic Devices R&D company Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

equipment and technologies for non - destructive testing; laboratory of non - destructive testing; a training center for specialists in non - destructive testing

Diamant and Co Ltd., Mariupol, Ukraine

German polymeric materials for the repair of industrial equipment. Representative of ТМ Diamant Metallplastic GmbH (Germany)

Dnipropolymermach PJSC, Dnipro, Ukraine

engineering department of "Dnipropolymermach" plant: supply of metal - working equipment and tools. Representative of TM Victor (Taiwan), Fanuc (Japan), Vanad (Czech Republic), Durma (Turkey)

Donetsk expert&technical center of State Labour Service, State Enterprise, Donetsk region, Ukraine

technical testing and research works

Donmet Ltd, Autogenous Equipment Plant, Kramatorsk, Ukraine

design and manufacture of cutting torches, burners (for welding, soldering and heating), as well as ballooning reducers

DOSS Instrument Germany e.K.

tools for metal processing

DSM-Trade Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

professional MFP Canon and Develop; Océ and Canon wide format systems; Inkjet plotters Canon and Epson; Océ wide format scanners and Colortrac. Representative of TM Canon (Japan), Océ (the Netherlands), Xerox (US), Hewlett Packard (USA), Develop (Japan)

Eco-Flex Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

hoses, including metal, for industrial, construction, gas, plumbing and heating equipment

Economus Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

manufacturing of sealing elements for hydraulics and pneumatics. Representative of ТМ SKF

Electronpobutprylad Plant Ltd., Lviv, Ukraine

production of direct current motors, gear motors and domestic appliances

EM-Group Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

metal- and woodworking machines Optimum (Germany) and gardening tools Lamborghini (Italy)

Energomach Sumy Plant PJSC, Ukraine

manufacture of band saw machines for metal cutting; supply of pumps for industry and housing; overhaul of lathes and milling machines; auto parts manufacture

Energy Saving Solutions Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

cylindrical bins, tanks, brewery, spherical products, steam generators, heat accumulators, industrial boilers

Enerprof Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

lifting equipment, machinery, industrial hydraulics, slings, ropes, strapping, accessories of TM Enerpac (Netherlands), Tesmec (Italy), Cordstrap (Netherlands), Terex MHPS (Germany)

ERMAFA Sondermaschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH, Germany

deep drilling milling machines

Erwin Junker Grinding Technology a.s., branch office in Russia

ТМ Erwin Junker, Germany: production of high-speed grinding machines with CBN. Development and implementation of production lines. Service maintenance

Europromkolesa Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

wheels: heavy duty; container, scaffolding; for frames; for shopping, grain carts; polyurethane - based; heat - resistant. Representative of ТМ RADER SP.J. (Poland)

Eurosmazki Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

oils and lubricants of ТМ Kluber Lubrication, Petrofer GmbH (Germany), Perma-tec GmbH Co.KG

Eurostankom Ltd., Minsk, Belarus

supply of equipment, components, technologies and services for the metal - working enterprises

EximCargoTrade Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

wholesale and retail of chemical laboratory utensils, medical devices and instrumentation

F.L.P. Ltd., Zhytomyr, Ukraine

wholesale and retail trade of paint and varnish materials for metal and woodworking. Primers and paints for industry, special effects, rendering all known shades of RAL, NCS, technical support. Representative of Colorificio Damiany SPA, Teknocoating Lab, Nuova Ge-par Srl (Italy)

Fanuc Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

supply and service of FANUC machinery: CNC for metalworking machine-tools, robotics, metal processing machinery

Favorit AM PE, Lviv, Ukraine

official representative of PIERCE CONTROL AUTOMATION Plant, TIGEMMA TM (Czech Republic) – CNC portal gas cutting machines

Faza P&D company Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

environmental technologies, equipment and water treatment solutions for cleaning surfaces: washing, degreasing, passivation, electropolishing, cleaning, protection from sticking during welding. Representative of ТМ Bio-chem (Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH), Germany

Fluid Cool Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

distributor in Ukraine CIMCOOL, manufacturer of lubricating and cooling and industrial fluids

Fortuna-71 Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tesla welding equipment supply

Foundrymen Association of Ukraine, Kyiv

public union of scientists, officials and operators employed in the sphere of foundry

Fractalnist Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

standard metal cutting tools and tools for turning and milling machines; manufacture of specialized tools and equipment for the request; machines of lathe-milling group. Representative of TM NINE9, WEY JUAN, RBH (Taiwan), RÖHM (Germany), KELITE (China)

Fronius Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv region

production of standard power sources with a synergistic mode for MIG / MAG welding. Implementing standard and inverter welding equipment for various welding methods. Representative of TM FRONIUS (Austria)

Fuchs Mastyla Ukraine Ltd., Lviv

cutting fluids for all types of metal. Products for stamping and pressing equipment. Quench oils. TM FUCHS (Germany)

Galika AG, Switzerland

production, sale and service of metalworking machinery; exclusive partner of the world's leading manufacturers of machine-tools and measuring instruments

Galpidshypnyk Trading House PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of bearings and bearing units, drive belts, conveyor belts, pulleys, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, reinforced seals, retaining rings, chains and sprockets, couplings, pulleys and bushings, linear motion systems, tools, lubricants and other spare parts and accessories; technological service. Representative of TM SKF, Shaeffler Group (FAG, INA), Optibelt, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, A & S, Rexnord, Link-Belt, KTR, Contitech, NTN-SNR, Koyo, NSK, Timken, Koyo Torrington, Minskij podshypnykov plant, Megadyne, Stomil Sanok, Rubena, Sava, Renold

Galsoft-Service Ltd., Lviv, Ukraine

sheet metal processing machinery (guilliotines, sheet benders, turret punch presses) of TM DURMA, Turkey. Warranty and afer-warranty service

Gertner Service GmbH, Germany

supply of machinery, equipment, spare parts and accessories in the field of metallurgy and metal processing, coordination of modernization projects

Golden Fleece, Ukraine, Industrial Company Ltd., Kyiv

production of band saws for metal, wood; abrasives; adhesives; coolants. Representative of TM Lennartz, Wikus, Arntz, Koronet, HERMES, VSM, Awuko, Deerfos, Indasa

Grand-Service Technical Center Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

sale of pneumatic, carbide cutting tools and compressor equipment. Representative of ТМ GESAC (China) — hard-alloyed tools; HAUPFER (Taiwan) — pneumatic tools of company's own trademark

Grik Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

production of personal protection means for workers: welder masks, shields, protective glasses. Supply of surfacing materials of Deloro Wear Solutions GmbH (Germany). Representative of TM Stellite, Deloro, Nistelle, Jet Kote

Hennlich Ukraine Ltd., Donetsk region

manufacturer and supplier of industrial components and equipment: nozzles of LECHLER GmbH (Germany), rotary joints of Christian Maier GmbH (Germany), seals for hydraulic cylinders of HALLITE (UK), plunger pumps of CAT PUMPS GmbH (Germany), linear guides of HIWIN GmbH (Germany)

Hydraulics-Trade Ltd., Melitopol, Ukraine

modernization of the metalcutting equipment with modern CNC systems. Supply of metalworking equipment. Representative of TM DMTG, GSK (China)

Hydropneumosystems Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, production of oil stations, repair and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Representative of ТМ Winman, Freeway (Turkey)

Hydropress Power Hydraulics Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

complex delivery of industrial hydraulics components. Representative of TM Cast, Filtrec, Alfagomma (Italy), FKB, Rotelmann (Germany)

Idel PE, Odesa, Ukraine

high quality welding equipment and materials of European corporations AIR LIQUIDE WELDING. Representative of ТМ AIR LIQUDE WELDING, OERLIKON, SAF-FRO (France)

Imperia Metalov Ltd, Kharkiv, Ukraine

metal-cutting tools: SGS Tools Company (USA), SUMITOMO ELECTRIC (Japan), DHF (Taiwan), DOLFAMEX (Poland), NAREX (Czech Republic). Auxiliaries: D'ANDREA (Italy), HAIMER (Germany), BISON-BIAL (Poland). Machine - tool systems - rotation converters: OMG (Italy). Metal - processing machinery Twinhorn, ARES SEIKI, QUASER, TOP WORK, FORCE ONE and EDM (Taiwan)

Industrial Devices and Technologies STC Ltd., Dnipro region, Ukraine

design and production of non-destructive testing devices, like metal hardness meters, ultrasonic fault detectors, ultrasonic thickness meters, coating thickness meters, magnetometers, instruments for monitoring the quality of construction materials under own ТМ NOVOTEST

Industrial Equipment Ltd., Odesa, Ukraine

equipment for cutting and chamfering with tubes or sheets, edge - milling, for orbital welding; welding tractors and spindles; thermo ovens

Industrial Oils I.L.S. Trading House Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

oils, lubricating and cooling materials for industrial purposes. Representative of ТМ Castrol, BP, Promol (Germany)

Industrial Service Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

supply of weight loading equipment, pneumatic, grinding, hydraulic equipment, diesel generators and tools. Representative agent TM YALE, PLARAD (Germany), DEPRAG (Czech Republic), MAUS (Italy), FIRST POWER (own trademark)

Inter-Plus PE, Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region, Ukraine

production of band saws, implementation of machine tools. Providing sharpening services, divorce band saws. Own TM "Lenker"

Irbis Trading House Ltd., Khariv, Ukraine

bearings of world-known manufacturers: SKF, INA, Timken, NSK, FAG, Nachi, Asahi, also of CIS and Eastern Europe plants; supply of drive belts SKF, Contitech, Stomil Sanok; industrial rubber goods of Russian plants; lubricating systems Linkoln; filters and filtration systems; gearboxes Tramec (USA), Varvel (Italy). Representative of ТМ SKF (Sweden), Schaeffler (Germany), Contitech (Germany), KG (UAE), Tramec (Italy) and others

IT Investments Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

1C products sale, maintenance, automation of business processes in enterprises. Development of mobile applications and web-sites

ITO Ltd., Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region, Ukraine

production and delivery of pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic equipment, pneumatic and electromagnetic valves of valves and other equipment

Itton Service Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

3D printers and five-axis machines for prototyping, production of experimental samples, components and model tooling. Up-to-date modelling and engineering materials. Representative of ТМ Stratasys (USA), CMS (Italy), Rampf tooling, Lange + Ritter (Germany)

JÄCKLE Schweiss- und Schneidtechnik GmbH, Germany

welding machines and plasma cutting machines

Kaeser Kompressoren Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

screw and piston compressors, blowers, compressed air preparation systems, control systems, compressed air systems audit.
Representative of TM KAESER КOMPRESSOREN (Germany)

Kaynak Teknigi San. Ve Tic. A.S., Turkey

production of welding electrodes and wire under ТМ ASKAYNAK

KETANA UAB, Lithuania

welding robots

Ketten Ltd., Kyiv region, Ukraine

lifting equipment and rigging products: hoists, jacks, winches, clamps, brackets, hooks, chains, etc. Representative of ТМ H.F.S. (Austria)

Kharkivabrasive Ltd., Kharkiv region, Ukraine

trading house of Novovodolazhsky abrasive plant - Ukrainian producer of cutting, grinding and abrasive wheels, trimming elastic wheels for metal and stone. Representative of ТМ "Novoabrasive"; cutoff end wheels of TM "Novoabrasive"; diamond wheels of TM WellCut; disk blades of TM WellCut

Knuth Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, Germany

a wide range of machine tools: systems for waterjet and plasma cutting, machining centers, lathes, milling, drilling, grinding machines - manual and CNC sheet bending equipment, guillotines, press and others

Ukrainian-American Limited Liability Company, Kharkiv

full range of weighing equipment. Carload, automobile, platform, monorail, freight, laboratory scales. Crane scales from leading manufacturers. Linear - angular measuring instruments. The equipment for measurement and level detection of substances. Gauges of roughness, waviness, hardness testers. Renishaw tools for CNC and CMM. Devices for measurement of pressure and temperature. 3D scanning equipment

Komkor VKP Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

production of technological tooling and tools

KraftPowercon Sweden AB, Sweden

high-voltage, high-current rectifiers, unbreakable power supply systems

Krankomplekt Plant Ltd., Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

design, production, modernization and assembly of weight loading and electric equipment: gantry cranes, bridge cranes, crane girders, beams, clamps, cabs, pulleys, wheels, radio control cranes, frequency, thyristor, relay - contactor actuators

Kran-Service PKP Ltd., Olexandria, Ukraine

weight loading equipment, cranes of all types, crane components, hoists, crane cabins, metal constructions. Representative of ТМ DEMAG Cranes & Components (Germany)

KT-Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

distributor of welding equipment, hand and power tools "Dnepr-M" abrasives "Ataman" electrodes "Dnepr-M"

Kyiv Polytechnical University, National Technical Institute of Ukraine, Kyiv

higher education institution of research type. Fundamental researches the following areas: information and communication technologies, energy conservation and efficiency, environmental management, new substances and materials

Lean-Concept Engineering Centre Ltd., Minsk, Belarus

sales of equipment for metalworking, tooling, consumables and service

Liag Technik Service Ukraine SE, Kyiv

suppl of high-quality industrial equipment from Germany to Ukraine: machines for cutting, bending and profiling machines for orbital welding and pipe cutting, equipment for cold welding. Representative of TM Schröder, Prinzing, Boschert (Germany), Eckold (Switzerland), FORSTNER (Austria)

Linear Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

CNC plasma cutting machines, milling machines, woodworking, Hypertherm's plasma sources, components for machine tools. TM HIWIN representative, KSK, Teknomotor, Hypertherm, Instar

Lub Systems Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

lubrication, filtration systems, industrial hydraulics. Representative of TM Orion (Sweden), Woerner (Germany), Memolub (Belgium)

MachEnTech Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of metalworking machinery, injection molding machines. Development of technologies and service. Delivery of spare parts, consumables and cutting tools. Representative of HM Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), Sunnen (USA, Switzerland), AVIA FOP (Poland), Rhenus Lub (Germany), Haijing (China)

Matica MB d.o.o., Slovenia

fasteners, rivit fasteners, self-clinching material, welding material and tools

Melt Forundry Company Ltd., Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya region, Ukraine

foundry items production; design and manufacture of foundry equipment (molds, molds, core boxes); production of coreless electric resistance SAT, dispensing containers, hardening furnaces for heat treatment of metals. TM "MELT", "Turbocom" - Ukraine, "Glaub Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH" - Germany

Mep Teknik Ltd., Turkey

painting lines and equipment

Metal Work Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

pneumatic components and solutions for industrial automation; pneumatic cylinders, valves, air preparation units, fittings and accessories (pneumatic tubes, specialized equipment). Representative of Metal Work Pneumatic company (Italy)

MicRa Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

design, prototyping and mass production of industrial automation instruments, controlling and measuring instruments; PCB design; radio assembling works

Microl Ltd.,
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

wide range of devices, components and services for use in automation systems, data acquisition and data processing, communications

Microtech Private R&D Company, Kharkiv, Ukraine

development and manufacture of super - precision measuring instruments for ISO, DIN standards. More than 25 patents MICROTECH. Exports to Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, India, UAE, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan. Production TM МИКРОТЕХ®, MICROTECH®, МІКРОТЕХ®

Migatech Industry Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

equipment for automation and mechanization of welding lines for the production of T-beams, CNC machines for oxygen and plasma cutting, welding rotators, positioners, rotators, and other kinds of welding equipment

MIOS | Tools and Equipment for Sheet Metal Processing, Drogobych, Lviv region, Ukraine

production and bending of tool blades. Punches, dies, adapters, blades for guillotine and alligator shears

Montazhkranservice Ltd., Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

lifting equipment production: bridge, gantry, cantilever cranes; major repair works, modernization, reconstruction of cranes, development of project documentation

Motor Sich Private Enterprise, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

development and production of airplane engines, gas power plants, drives; repair and modernization of helicopters; production and modernization of CNC metal processing machines

Motorimpex External Trading Company Ltd., Kharkov, Ukraine

hydraulic equipment (pumps, engines, filters, cylinders, metering control pumps, valves and manipulating apparatus, auxiliaries). Representative of Ponar (Poland); Atos SPA; Dropsa SPA (Italy); "M+S HYDRAULIC" (Bulgaria)

Navko-Tech Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

development, production, installation and commissioning of specialized systems and robots for automated arc welding

New Standard Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

manufacture of articles and components of metal for individual orders; metalworking, machining, heat treatment, plating

Newton-Promservice Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

production of painting and polishing products, automobile chemicals and lubricating materials of ТМ NEW TON, LIDER, BIODUR, PITON

NTMA Ltd., Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

manufacture of CNC machine tools for plasma metal cutting. Supply of components and software for CNC machine tools

OGM-Technology Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

sale and delivery of metal processing machinery: lathes, milling machines, laser and waterjet cutting. Representative of TM SAMSUNG (Korea), PTV (Czech Republic), HSG Laser (China)

Pevag Ukraine Ltd, Lviv

hoisting equipment, chains, slings, auxiliaries, rigging, anti - slipping chains, tyre protection means, conveyor chains, chain cargo fastening devices. Representative of ТМ Pewag Austria, Pewag Schneeketten, KWB (Austria)

Physical&Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of NASU, Kyiv

development of new technologies and equipment for metallic melts treatment and manufacturing articles for machine - building, military industry and general use as well as for application in defense

Plastics-Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

construction and engineering plastics: sheets, films, rods, profiles, welding rods; plastics for modeling equipment; PVC curtains

Pneumomaster PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

pneumatic tools and pneumatic, integrated supply enterprise, technical support and service support. TM representative AIR PRO is the VGL (Taiwan)

Pneumotec Corporation, Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of SMC pneumatics (Japan); engineering and design work, automation

Polymer Research and Production Company PE, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

mechanized elevator racks, natural wood products, production of wire harnessesfor aerospace purposes, metal fabrication, plastics processing and injection molding; TM "Polymer", "Aerelektro"

Power Belt Ltd., Zakarpatyya region, Ukraine

ballscrews, linear guide lines, actuators, belts, sheave components, conveyor belts, chains, drive sprokets, couplings, gearboxes, vibratory bearings, toothed gearwheels, trapezoidal screws. Representative of ТМ TBI MOTION (Taiwan), UNIMOTION (Slovenia), SATI (Italy), VISION (China), OPTIBELT (Germany)

Praktika Ukraine Ltd., Dnipro

band saws, rotary cutting HSS cutters, cutting fluids; sharpening and restoration of HSS disc cutters. Representative of TM Honsberg, Germany (saws), Julia, Italy (cutters)

Prigma-Press Inc., Khmelnitsky
Press-Forging Equipment Launching Plant, Ukraine

design and production of press - forging machinery

Professional Safety Educational and Production Center, Kyiv, Ukraine

training in labor protection and occupations, jobs, certification, test racks, electro - mechanical laboratory, legal support, sale of personal protective means

Prominstrument Industrial Company Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

carbide tools; metal cutting, tool making and diamond tool; pneumatic tools; machinetool accessories. Representative of ТМ GESAC (China), KENNAMETAL - Stellram (USA), CORUN (Serbia), KINTEK (Italy), VALTEC (Switzerland), WERKOE (Germany), "Kirovgrad Hard-Alloy Plant" (Russia), as well as Ukrainian manufacturers: "Lviv Tool Plant" PJSC, "Vinnytsya Tool Plant" Ltd., "Lviv Diamond Tool Plant" PJSC

Prommashreduktor Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

collectors, brushless gearmotors and electric motors AC and DC, worm gearboxes, general - purpose gearboxes and geared motors. Representative of TM Sigma Motor, Shayang Ye Industrial (Taiwan), Chiaravalli (Italy), TSTB "Reducer-M" (Russia)

Promtechconstruction Research and Production Small Private Enterprise Donetsk region, Ukraine

bushing-roller chain drives; transporter chains; for agricultural and other machinery, special chains according to indivitual orders

Reduktor-Complex Ltd., Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region, Ukraine

gearboxes, geared motors brand GS-DRIVE worm-type, cylindrical, tapered cylindrical-type with capacity (P1): from 0.06 kW to 45 kW

Refit Ltd., Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

delivery of a wide range of automation means and parts for CNC machines. Representative of ТМ Fatek, Weintek, Hiwin (Taiwan), Teknomotor (Italy), Estun (China)

Regmik Research and Production Company PE, Chernigiv region, Ukraine

development, production and sales of control and measuring apparatus, process automation equipment, development of software for personal computers, dedicated processors and controllers

Robert Bosch Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, linear motion technology, frequency converters, modernization and design of hydraulic systems. Representative of TM Bosch Rexroth

Robotics Engineering KB Ltd., Irpin, Kyiv region, Ukraine

robotics, tooling, welding tables and accessories. Representative of TM Panasonic (Japan), StrongHandTools, BuildPro, GoodHand (USA)

Rolleri Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

import and supply of bending tools Rolleri (Italy) and piercing tools Matrix (Italy) to Ukraine

S.T.M.-Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv region

industrial gear units of large and small dimensions, geared motors, electric motors, variable speed and frequency converters. The official distributor of conveyor components of TM System Plast (Germany) in Ukraine; representative of TM STM Riduttori, GSM Riduttori, Neri Motori (Italy)

Salvagnini Italia S.p.A., Italy

sale of equipment for metalworking, panel bending equipment, tools and hardware, consumables, service

SciTeeX Sp. z o.o., Poland

blastrooms production

Sendlab Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

accredited analytical express laboratory. Analysis, chemical analysis and analysis on the carbon content; hardness; moisture content; of ash content; for volatile substances; the level of radiation

Sew-Eurodrive Ltd, Dnipro, Ukraine

drive equipment, electronics, motor-reducers, frequency convertors, servo-motors, industrial reducers with 1500 кНм torque consumption. Representative of SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH &Co.KG (Germany)

Sfera-Techno Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

introduction of equipment for sheet metal laser cutting, jig-punching and press brake bending and automated bending systems TRUMPF (Germany); ARKU levelers (Germany); waterjet cutting systems FLOW (USA) systems for surface treatment, deburring and grata removing of leading European manufacturers; hand pneumatic and electric power tools; supply of high-tech materials for cleaning, corrosion protection, as well as lubricantsand oils. Representative of TM TRUMPF, ARKU (Germany), FLOW (USA), SUHNER, MOTOREX (Switzerland)

Siemens Ukraine Subsidiary company with 100% foreign investment, Kyiv

Simotics, Sinamics, Sinumerik - motors, drives, CNC control systems, solutions and services for any motion control tasks; products and systems for industrial automation applications.

Sigmaengineering Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

aspiration systems, ventilators, compressors, air systems for preparation, Design works, installation work. Representative agent of TM Donaldson (United Kingdom), Renner Kompressoren (Germany), Marelli (Italy)

SK Trading Group Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

suppliers of equipment and vacuum blowers. Representative of TM EVP, GURUI, LONGTECH

Sodicom-Dnipro PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

electroerosion (spark erosion) machine tools, spare parts and consumables. Representative of Sodick (Japan), Excetek (Taiwan)

Special Design and Technological Bureau of Electrical Equipment State Enterprise, Kharkiv, Ukraine

electromagnetic clutches and brakes, electromagnetic road switches, light signal fixtures, electrical control cabinets

Stankoinstrumentimport Ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

tools and equipment for metal processing. Development of technologies, integrated metalworking projects, projects for partial and complete modernization of metalworking enterprises. Representative of ТМ Walter-Titex-Prototyp-Valenite, CPT-SCHWARZ (Germany), TOS Varnsdorf, TOS Hulin, Pegas-Gonda (Czech Republic)

Stan-Komplekt JV Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

metalworking equipment SAHINLER, Sente Makina, Gomel Machine Tool Plant. Kirov VIZAS, Vistan (Belarus), ARSENAL™ (Bulgaria), HARDINGE (USA), etc.; welding, compressors; lifting devices

Stankopromimport SPA Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

service and warranty service of machine tools. Representative of ТМ OKUMA (Japan), Hartford (Taiwan), WTO (Germany), Nikken (Japan), KAESER Kompressoren (Germany), WIDIA (Germany) and LNS (Switzerland), CPT (Germany), Schwartz (Germany)

State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine, Kyiv

books on science and technologies

Stomil Sanok Ukraine Ltd., Rivne

direct supply of rubber products for industrial equipment, etc. from the manufacturer - TM Sanok Rubber (Poland), Harvest Belts

Summit Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

electric welding equipment, portal plasma cutting machines; robotics production; ventilation systems; welding materials. Representative of TM KEMPPI OY (Finland), HYUNDAI WELDING Co., LTD (South Korea), KEMPER (Germany), FANUC (Japan); exclusive representative VICTOR - THERMAL DYNAMICS (USA)

Sumy-Electrode Ltd., Ukraine

production of special-purpose and universal welding electrodes

SV Technology Ltd., Vinnytsya, Ukraine

equipment, devices and materials for welding, protection means for welders, abrasives, tools. Representative of ТМ Kuhtreiber (Czechia), Alfain (Czechia), Gedik (Turkey), Varis (Lithuania), Fagumit (Poland)

TaeguTec Ukraine Ltd., Dnipro

hard-alloy inserts, toolholders, end mills, shell mills, drills, mandrels, collets, tool trenches, cutting tools, special tools. Representative of TM TaeguTec (South Korea)

TBS Group Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

import, customization and maintenance of metal processing machinery. Representative of TM Accurl (China), Toskar (Turkey)

TDC Ukrspetstechnika Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

turning, milling and grinding tools, their implementation and technological support. Representative of TM PAFANA, FANAR, BAILDON, ANDRE, FENES (Poland), CARMEX (Israel)

Techcom TK Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

components for production equipment for canning, dairy, fat, alcoholic beverage, beer and soft drinks, food and perfume industries. Representative of ТМ NGB (Israel), Movex, Magris (Italy)

Techmach Research and Production Private Enterprise, Odesa, Ukraine

CNC portal thermal cutting machines

Technoforce Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

development, production and supply of hydraulic tools, jacks, torque wrenches. Representative of ТМ Alkitronic (Germany), TorcUP (USA)

Technologies and Tools Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of bimetallic band saws and equipment of TM J.N.Eberle & Cie.GmbH (Germany)

Technopolice Firm Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

system integrator in the field of design automation, engineering design, preparation of manufacture and product lifecycle management (CAD / CAM / CAE / PDM / PLM). Representative of PTC Inc., MSC Software (USA), Intermech (Belarus)

Techvagonmach research and production company Ltd., Kremenchug, Ukraine

integrated design and equipment of the enterprises of transport engineering; special technological equipment; robotic welding systems; shot-blasting, Blast cleaning equipment; painting and drying chambers; automated warehouses; technological transport

Teksika Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

fabrics with special protective properties, flame retardant fabrics, for the protection against general industrial pollution; reflective tape and threads

Temp Plant JSC, Khmelnytsky, Ukraine

special technological equipment; pipe welding equipment for the construction of oil and gas pipelines; welded metal constructions. Representative of TM Stol, Sessler, Galfatec, Wigal, Sahffer, Procon, Fella (Poland, Germany, Austria)

Thermacut Ukraine GmbH Ltd., Kyiv region

expendable parts for gas-plasma machines and laser cutting of metal of ТМ THERMACUT

Thermoengineering Ltd., Kyiv region, Ukraine

powder painting equipment. Furnaces: laboratory, heating, melting. Production of refractory materials and ceramics. Own brands ТМ TermoPro®, TermoLab®



Tokopodvod&Electroprivod Company Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

single-girder bridge cranes, cable reels, trolley track, cable trolleys; assembly, reconstruction and modernization of weight liftinf cranes; power and data transfer systems CONDUCTIX Wampfler AG (Germany)

Tool Engineering Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

suuply of metal, woodworking machinery and accessories. Representative of TM Zenitech (Switzerland), Yangli (China), Hurco (USA), Korloy (South Korea)

Toolpress-Techno Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

supply of technological equipment for processing of sheet metal and long steel and tools to this equipment, parts, service tools. Representative of TM PRIMA - POWER (Italy, Finland), WILSON TOOL (US, UK), UKB (Germany), Nibbler (Sweden), MÜLLER OPLADEN (Germany), SOITAAB (Italy), FICEP (Italy)

Topstar Research&Production company Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

precision metal-cutting tools

Total Ukraine Ltd., Kyiv

supply of lubricating materials (automotive, industrial, agricultural) of TM TOTAL, ELF in the territory of Ukraine

Triada Ltd Co, Zapirizhzhya, Ukraine

supply of welding materials, welding equipment, automated welding lines and systems, consumables, robotic welding systems integration, production of protective welding curtains. Representative of TM FRONIUS (Austria), ABICOR BINZEL (Germany), ASKAYNAK (Turkey), YASKAWA MOTOMAN (Japan), WELDZAKHYST

Tubes International Ltd, Lviv, Ukraine

hoses and junctions for industry, high pressure hoses. Repserentative of ТМ AFLEX Hose, IVG, MERLETT, SCHAUENBURG, FINN POWER

Twist Engineering Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

supply of САМ-software by Esprit, precision metal - cutting tools by Guehring, gear cutting tools by Vargus and others. Representative of ТМ ESPRIT (USA), Guehring (Germany), Vargus (Israel), Corun (Serbia)

Ukrainian Society
for Non-Destructive Testing, Kyiv

creative all-Ukrainian public organization of specialists, whose professional activity is related to non-destructive testing (NDT) and technical diagnostics (TD)

Ukrelectrocable Association, Kyiv

association of cable and wire products manufacturers

Ukrinductor ТМ, Kyiv, Ukraine

induction heating, melting furnaces, quenching systems, cooling systems, forging equipment, cold forging lines and tools

Ukrminglass Ltd., kyiv, Ukraine

glass blasting cleaning of metal surface, metals matting, blast metal treatment, supply of glass balls for matting metals

Ukrspetsproject Ltd., Kharkiv, Ukraine

Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, high-pressure hoses, couplings, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

Ultrakon R&D and production company, Kyiv, Ukraine

fault indicators, thickness meters, visual control devices, technical diagnostics

Varitec Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

supply of equipment for metallurgy and metalworking, including provision of tools, technology and service support during the start-up and operation. Representative of ТМ Doosan (South Korea), HansLaser (China), LOCH, Jaespa (Germany), Travis, GMTK, Juaristi (Spain), Millstar, ECOCA (Taiwan)

VariUs Engineering and Technical Centre Ltd., Dnipro, Ukraine

delivery of metal cutting, carbide, measuring tools, metal-working machinery, equipment and spare parts for equipment, modernization of CNC systems. Representative of ТМ TaeguTec, Doosan (South Korea), IDF, Guabo (Italy), Swiss Tools (Switzerland)

Vashchenko PE, Kyiv, Ukraine

supply and service ofmachine-tools, tools and accessories for the processing of sheet metal. Representative of TM GOEBEL, TRUMPF (Germany), TAMA (Denmark), RIVEDRILL (Spain), RIVETEC, SWAH (Czech Republic), SPIRO SA (Switzerland), H.M. TRANSTECH (Slovakia)

Victoria Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

wholesale and retail sale of beads (ШХ-15, stainless steel, hollow stainless steel, plastic, glass, etc.), bearings, rollers, needle-type rollers; manufacture and sale of ball bearings, grinding bodies, hollow plastic balls. Representative of TM HARP (Ukraine), CODEX (Slovenia), VGI (France), Small Series Plant (Russia)

Vistec Machine-building Plant PJSC, Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine

welding electrodes, construction nails, welding wire, general purpose wire, round - linked chains, spades

Vitapolice Ltd., Kyiv region, Ukraine

production of stainless welding solid wire, other wires for special and general purposes

WIKA Prylad Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

subsidiary company of "WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & CO. KG": wholesale of instrumentation

Yilmaz Reduktor SAN. VE TIC. A.S., Turkey

regulators, controllers, speed reduction mechanisms

Yuzhstankomash Ltd., Pavlograd, Ukraine

trade of metal processing machine tools, major repair and modernization of equipment. Representative of ТМ NAMSUN MACHINERY CORPORATION (Soth Korea); JASHICO MACHINE MANUFACTURE CO., LTD. (Taiwan); Dardi International Corporation Ltd (China)

Zaklad of Kostyantyn Murashchik PE, Kviv, Ukraine

official dealer of the ZAP-bp company, Poland - the producer of proshivny, cutting, boring electroerosive machines

ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH, Germany

metal cutting tools

Zelko Group Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine

compressors, storage tanks, solid fuel boilers

Zont ALC, Odesa, Ukraine

design and manufacture of machines for thermal cutting, plasma systems, laser systems, CNC gas cutting machines