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Report on the results of
III Trade Fair EuroBuildExpo – 2013

On the 5-8th of November 2013 the III Trade Fair “EuroBuildExpo–2013” was held in the International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv (15 Brovarskyi Ave., Livoberezhna metro station). This Trade Fair was held for the third time together with such influential exhibition events as: XI International Water Forum “AQUA UKRAINE” (water treatment, water supply, sewerage, sewage treatment, waste water treatment, pumping and armature equipment); XI International Trade Fair “CommunTech” (energy - saving technologies for housing, city improvement, waste management, municipal and special machinery), IV Trade Fair “RoadTechExpo” (road construction machinery, equipment, materials and technologies for road construction and maintenance), VI International Trade Fair “Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy” (alternative fuels, energy efficient and energy - saving technologies in energetic, industry, construction, housing and agro - industrial sector).

Organizers of the Exhibition “EuroBuildExpo”:
- Ministry of Regional Development, Building and Housing of Ukraine;
- International Exhibition Centre
With the support of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine.

The economy of each country is a single complex of the interrelated branches. You can visually verify in it, having seen the expositions of the exhibitions above. The Trade Fair “EuroBuildExpo” aroused interest among the representatives of different spheres: managing and engineering staff of the construction, design and scientific research organizations, municipal utilities, agriculture, water utilities, energy companies, etc.

Domestic companies as well as enterprises from the neighboring and foreign countries took part in the Exhibition “EuroBuildExpo”. Various productions of such countries as Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Russia, Serbia, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine were represented at the stands, and the spectrum of exponents was focused on the wide range of customers.

So the constructions and materials for the enterprises of different branches were represented at the stands of the companies such as:
- TEOHIM NEVA, LLC (Russia) – high-strength polymer industrial floor;
- CHAROITBUD, BUILDING COMPANY LTD – the installation of concrete floors and floors with jointless polymeric coverages for industrial and decorative purposes. The innovation of the exhibition - 3D liquid decorative floors;
- STALDOM UKRAINE – the development and introduction of the modern technology of alternative easy prefabricated construction;
- BUDTECHINVEST 2007 LTD – production of 3D panels (sandwich panels), a distinctive feature of which is that their use significantly accelerates the process of construction;
- UNIVERSAL PROTECTIVE COATINGS LTD – the development and production of special materials for construction and industrial use. The innovative products of TM VMX for a variety of waterproofing work, protection and restoration of metal, concrete, reinforced concrete and wooden structures and buildings, machinery and equipment was presented at the exhibition;
- PENOFLOT, COMPANY – insulation materials for buildings, industrial buildings, granaries, heating systems, etc.;
- MASTER Climate Solutions, company (Poland) – manufacturer of HVAC equipment: portable heaters on different types of fuel, stationary and suspended heaters, industrial and domestic dehumidifiers, industrial portable fans. The the efficiency of heat guns could be seen by visiting the company's exposition at the open air.

The exposition of the construction equipment was represented by TM JCB from the permanent participant - CONSTRUCTION MACHINER  LTD. TEKMAK COMPANY, which took part in the exhibition for the first time, demonstrated the backhoe loader of TM Hidromek. This trade mark has been known for a long time at the world markets and for the first time was officially represented in Ukraine at the exhibition “EuroBuildExpo”.

Wide range of finishing materials, products made of natural wood and stone attracted by its quality and beauty at the stands of the companies:
- BEST WOOD, COMPANY – the Ukrainian market leader in the manufacture of luxury furniture and in the creation of exclusive wood interiors;
- NAIMA, COMPANY – natural stone for finishing, exterior cladding and landscaping;
- DPK UKRAINE, LLC – manufacture and sale of products of unique and innovative material WPC (wood plastic composite), which combines the best properties of wood and plastic, represented by TM RENWOOD;
- STEK, COMPANY – wide range of coatings for apartments, offices, banks, airports, shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, etc.

Thermal equipment, not only functional, but also called to decorate any space, was demonstrated at the stand of Farmakom MB Concern (Serbia) – stoves, fireplaces, plates on solid fuel impressed by a wonderful design with motifs of traditional and trendy styles, clean lines, beautiful view of fire in the furnace. Electric heating systems were represented by TM Hemstedt, which today is a great innovator in this field.

According to the results of the III Trade Fair “EuroBuildExpo–2013”, exponents gave high grade to the organization of the event, noted the professional level of the target audience of visitors, a variety of spectrum of represented products.

We thank all who participated in the exhibition this year and invite everyone to become a participant of IV Trade Fair “EuroBuildExpo” on 4-7 of November 2014!