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VII International Investment Business Forum on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and VIII International Trade Fair «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy - 2015» took place in the International Exhibition Centre (15, Brovarsky Ave.) in Kyiv on 10 - 13 of November. These key events were devoted to issues of energy saving of traditional fuel and energy resources and increase of renewable sources of energy use.
Organizer: International Exhibition Centre, Ltd., with the support of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (Derzhenergoefektyvnosti).

Today, when the issue of energy efficiency and energy saving in all branches of national economy is under close attention and control of the state, the exchange of advanced practices in the sphere of energy saving solutions is very important. It was possible to get acquainted with them at Trade Fair «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy - 2015». The activities of annual International Investment Business Forum on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy gave an opportunity to hear the opinions of the leading experts in this branch and discuss the perspective plans.

The composition of honored guests, who took part in the opening ceremony on 10th of November, shows the importance and relevance of abovementioned activities:
- Zubko Hennadiy – Vice-Prime-Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine
- Eduard Kruhliak – Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, Chairman of Organizing Committee on preparation and holding of Congress and exhibitions
- Oleksandr Dombrovskyi – National Deputy of Ukraine, First Deputy Chairman of Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on fuel and energy complex, nuclear policy and nuclear safety issues
- Serhiy Kurykin – Acting Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine
- Serhiy Savchuk – Head of State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine
- Iryna Ovcharenko – Acting Head of State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine
- Marius Janukonis – Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Lithuanian Republic in Ukraine
- Daiva Matonienė – Deputy Environment Minister of Lithuanian Republic
- Andriy Koboliev – Board Chairman of Naftogaz of Ukraine, NJSC
- Andriy Pyshnyi – Board Chairman of Oschadbank, JSC
- Anatoliy Tkachenko – Director General of International exhibition center, Ltd.

Today one of the main issues – to change the culture of energy consumption. It is possible to reach this with the help of popularization of energy efficient technologies and equipment for all economic entities.

Forum and International Trade Fair «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy» once again confirmed their status of the main event in Ukraine in the sphere of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Quantitative and geographical composition of exhibition participants, which considerably expanded, indicates that fact. This year 107 enterprises demonstrated the most advanced achievements of domestic manufacturers and the best innovative developments of the leading companies from Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and the USA.

This year the list of participants was contributed by debutants –
first of all by domestic enterprises as well as representatives of the famous
foreign companies, which for the first time represented its products and services:

EFFI (Ukrainian manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for heating and cooling – climate - panels, the usage of which can by half reduce costs of energy carriers), Entheos (domestic manufacturer of geothermal heating pumps), Fabryka Tepla (developer and manufacturer of geothermal heating pumps of TM SENSO), LedLampGroup (manufacture of the wide range of secure and economical LED lamps for all branches), LOGITERM (manufacture of high-quality solid fuel boilers), Ukrainian Heat (leader in the Ukrainian market in implementation of heat and power generation technology using coal-water slurry fuel), Stropuva Ukraine (manufacturer of solid fuel boilers Stropuva, the feature of which is patented technology of long upper combustion), Rentechno (introduction of engineering solutions in the sphere of solar energy, in particular, construction of solar power stations on a “green” tariff), Nawaro Ukraine (plant on bio-gas manufacture), D Light (enterprise known in Ukraine as one of the leading manufacturers of mobile lifting machinery represented crushing equipment for fuel briquettes manufacture), Ziehbart (solid fuel boiler manufacture of TM Ziehbart), BKM WOOD (manufacture of high - quality wood fuel pellets), FELIX ENERGY GROUP (construction of the modern solid fuel boiler rooms), MIG Energy (dealer of magnetic induction generators, which are among the best alternatives to gas heating), Viacom (representative of products of Japanese company TOYOTOMI: gas heaters of heightened reliability and safety), Himtex (supplier of solar panels), Unigy (official importer of air and geothermal heat pumps of Swiss manufacture) and many other companies.

Among novelties of the present exhibition – exposition of Lithuanian enterprises,
experience of which is very important for the implementation of programs on energy efficiency in Ukraine:

Axis technologies (development and realization of projects in energy sector, bio-fuel, boiler rooms and power stations), E Energija (manufacture of boilers and boiler rooms on bio-fuel), Biokaitra (manufacture of solid fuel boilers).

Direction in the sphere of alternative types of fuel
and equipment for its manufacture was represented at the exposition:

the following enterprises made achievements in this sector – Altgas (manufacture of bio-fuel briquettes), Vin - Peleta (manufacture of bio - fuel), Solid Teploenergo (manufacture of fuel granules), Zahid - Agroservice Plus (manufacture of equipment for cutting wood), Pro - Energy (realization of projects in the sphere of biomass processing, bio - gas, sewage treatment and installations of the individual heat thermal stations), Uragan (official dealer of Pellas X Sp.zoo Sp.k company (Poland) – manufacturer of the burners on biomass) and etc.

The following leading companies represented projects,
developments and products of renewable energy market:

Kvazar (domestic manufacturer of modules for solar industrial and municipal power stations), Star Energy (the first national manufacturer of solar systems of TM Star Energy for hot water supply and heating support), Peredovi Tekhnoogii (manufacturer of mounting systems for solar panels), Atmosfera (distributor of equipment and technologies for renewable energy), Alista (distributor of photovoltaic modules, inverters and controllers of China, Taiwan and Switzerland manufacture), Heliosstrategia (European leader in the sphere of photovoltaic equipment distribution: solar panels, inverters, power generating systems), Eko Technik Ukraine (representative of Czech company: design, construction and service of solar power stations).

Wide range of modern energy efficient equipment and technologies,
innovative technical solutions for applying in various branches

was demonstrated by famous companies: Radiy (manufacturer of energy saving lightning), First Pipe Plant (manufacturer of energy saving pipe products), Energokuznya (intelligent systems of LED lightning management), Energy - Spectrum (manufacturer of solid fuel energy systems), Megawatt (representative of Japanese corporation Rinnai – the world's biggest manufacturer of gas equipment), Insolar - Climate (energy saving turnkey projects) and many other companies.

List of participants

Activities program of International Investment Business Forum on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy was intensive and covered such urgent issues, as substitution of natural gas by alternative types of fuel in Ukraine, legislative initiatives in the sphere of energy efficiency, energy management in the budget sphere, etc.

Detailed program of activities

Traditional conducting under the auspices of Minregion at the same terms exhibitions of the related subjects («CommunTech», «AQUA UKRAINE», «EuroBuildExpo») contributed to establish business contacts with more numerous target audience of specialists and to demonstrate products to the wide thematic spectrum.

This year International exhibition center hospitably united more than 350 companies under its roof in the territory of about 13000 m2.

Professional representative of participants of VIII International Trade Fair «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy - 2015», target audience of visitors, who this year reached almost 8000, indicate the high popularity in Ukraine and abroad of abovementioned activities and have worthy perspectives concerning increasing of its scales and geography of exponents and visitors in the nearest future.




Field of the Company’s Activity, %

Power engineering and heat supply




Oil and gas industry


Water industry






Mining industry






State authorities




Scientific and educational institutions




Public organizations


Agroindustrial complex





Topics Which Were Interesting for Visitors, %

Boiler equipment


Solar panels, collectors


Alternative types of fuel


Energy-saving lighting


Heat transfer equipment


Wind turbines