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International Trade Fair COMMUNTECH '2017

XV International Trade Fair

November 7-9, 2017

Is a key exhibition event in Ukraine which has secured the reputation of the most authoritative professional event for all participants of housing and communal services sector.

Annually the heads of the government and executive authority, branch leaders, professional business community, scientists, investors and experts from near and far abroad discuss tasks that face the industry and develop effective mechanisms of cooperation. Resolving of practical issues on heat supply, upkeeping, exploitation of housing facilities, providing of functioning of public transport, maintenance of street‑tarffic service, realization of road‑building works, events on equipping with modern amenities, planting of greenery, sanitary cleaning, handling hard domestic wastes are depended a considerable measure on introduction of new achievements and advanced experience, that is demonstrated by the display of exhibition.

Organizer: International exhibition centre, Ltd., with the support of Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, Association of Cities of Ukraine.

Over the years "CommunTech" has become the starting point for dozen of successful companies occupying leading positions in the sector entering Ukrainian market. Participation in the exhibition will provide the unique opportunities to the exhibitors. Among them are effective positioning of the exhibition product, examination of the market conjuncture, establishing new contacts, attraction of investors and sponsors, initialization of its own projects promotion, signing profitable contracts. The exhibition "CommunTech" focuses primarily on the target audience, most of which are the specialists who have the authority to make decisions and participate in the procurement of exhibited products.

The exhibition's key component is the International Congress "Institutional and Technical Aspects of Reforming of Housing and Communal Services" (оrganizer: Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine). Thematic focus of the Congress activities (conferences, seminars and round tables) is devoted to the topical issues of the branch: definition of strategic directions of housing and communal services reformation in Ukraine, planning in the sphere of domestic waste management, implementation of energy efficiency projects in construction, the prospects of using renewable energy sources at utilities, urgent issues of municipal thermal power engineering, control of drinking water quality, complex solution of wastewater treatment issues and others.

The activity organized by Kyiv City State Administration will traditionally be held in the framework of exhibitions. The purpose of conducting is the determination of priority directions of development of housing and communal services in Kyiv: creation of qualitative service in the sphere of housing and communal services, innovations in the sphere of water supply and sewage household of the capital, forming of the effective market of the managing companies, modernization of waste management systems, usage of mechanisms of municipal support of energy efficient measures in the condominiums and others.

Among the activities of business program are: Energy Forum (organizer: Ukrainian National Heat Pump Association), Conferences "ECO transformation - green modernization of production", "Hazardous waste: 50 main issues" (organizer: "Media‑Pro" Publishing House), Information Seminar "Implementation of resource‑efficient and clean production in Ukraine: the best practices" (organizer: Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre), Seminar "Analytical equipment for continuous measurement of pollutant emissions from stationary sources" (organizer: "EKNIS‑Ukraine" LLC), International Scientific and Practical Conference "Engineering of Environmental Management Systems" (organizer: Kiev Cooperative Institute of Business and Law), Seminar "Three‑Link Technology of Harvesting. Innovations of domestic agricultural machinery" (organizer: "EGRITECH" trading house LLC) etc.
Preliminary program

We are looking at such words:
(energy- and resource saving technologies, equipment, materials for communal heat‑power engineering, communal fund management and exploitation, road construction machinery, machinery for municipal and special purpose, city transport, road traffic management technical devices, wastes of production and consumption, recycling, polygon management, ecology, amenitizing and municipal service in cities).

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