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List of participants

Name, Country


Adron, Ukraine

Development of aircraft protection systems and complexes against guided missiles equipped with infrared homing heads. Sight systems development. Smart munition development.

Aerelectro, Ukraine

Development and manufacture of electrical wire bundles for aviation industry.

Aerocopter, Ukraine

Production of helicopters.

Aerotech, Ukraine

Development and manufacture of electronics for aerospace industry, maintenance, repair.

Air Force Institute of Technology / Instytut Techniczny Wojsk Lotniczych, Poland

Scientific research of aircraft products operation.

Alucast, Czech Republic

Production of precise and highly sophisticated aluminum castings by investment casting technology - lost wax method. The casting we can also supply machined or with surface treatment according to aviation standards.

Amtool Ukraine

Air tools for the aerospace industry. Special tools for car repairs.

ANG Patriot, Ukraine

Manufacturer of the LA-50 aircraft.

Antonov, Ukraine

Enterprise of the whole cycle of creation of modern aircraft – from pre-project scientific researches to construction, tests, certification, serial production and after - sale maintenance.

Anvit, Ukraine

Representative of Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik (НВМ) GmbH. Propulsion research multichannel measurements systems, torque sensors, strain gauges, displacement sensors.

Armatom, Ukraine

Production of bellows and bellow assemblies used for production of stop valves, control and safety pipeline valves, bellows for expansion joints and expansion joints.

Arsenal, Ukraine

Development and manufacture of optical and optoelectronic devices and systems for space, aviation and ground equipment for military and civil purposes.

Artem, Machine-Building Firm, Ukraine

Production of specialized aircraft and consumer goods; provision with polygraphic services; commercial activity; manufacture of products using expensive materials.

Artem, Ukraine

Manufacture of air-to-air missiles, automatic test equipment, antitank guided missiles, defensive aids suites for protection of rotary and fixed wing craft, components and equipment for aviation.

Askon-KR, Ukraine

Complete integrated automation of process engineering and production management in machine building branch.

Avia Oil, Ukraine

Implementation of aviation oils, lubricants and special liquids.

Aviacontrol, Ukraine

Designing and manufacturing of aeronautical systems, appliances as well as automatic test equipment.

Aviakon, Ukraine

Leading enterprise in Ukraine, performing any kind of repair, re-equipment and upgrade of "Mi-series" helicopters of all types and modifications.

Aviatsiya Halychyny, Ukraine

Retail sale of clothing in specialized stores. Manufacture of custom clothing.

Aviatools, Ukraine

Aviation, pneumatic, mechanical, hydraulic and measuring tools.

Avionika, Ukraine

Specializes in supplying of aviation equipment as well as in retrofitting aircraft with modern avionics. Exclusive distributor of the company MEGGITT SA (Switzerland) in Ukraine.

B2B Aviation Trading, Ukraine

Delivery of aircraft parts and materials (chemicals, consumables, components and devices). Maintenance and repair of aircrafts. Logistics, customs clearance.

BAE Systems, UK

Developments in defense, information security and aerospace industries.

Bahco Bisov Svenska AB, Ukrainian Representative Office

Professional hand tools, hydraulic, pneumatic tools for the aviation industry, tools for microelectronics.


Supplier of raw materials and equipment for advanced industries. Equipment and process materials for vacuum bagging, vacuum infusion and RTM applications; Carbon fibers,  fabrics and prepregs for tooling and structural laminates; Tooling release agents, vacuum bagging films, peelplys, release films, breather fabrics, tacky tapes and other process materials; Tooling resins, tooling pastes and tooling boards; And many other needed raw materials.

Bee Pitron Cherkassy, Ukraine

Competencies in the sphere of board cable network, distribution systems and power supply protections; three - dimensional design; electric design; element base; regulatory documents.

Carboline, Ukraine

Development and production of UAVs. Production of composite case and others. parts and structures. Sales of composite materials.

Chezara, Ukraine

Large Ukrainian electronics manufacturer with almost 50 years of experience in space industry which is engaged in manufacture of products for military, special and civil purposes.

Chuhuiv Aircraft Repair Plant, Ukraine

Overhaul and modernization of aircraft L-39С, L-39ZA, L-39ZO, its assemblies, aggregates and equipment, auxiliary power plants "SAPPHIRE-5", demilitarization, update of aircraft on L-39D and delivery to the customer (according to civil aviation requirements), manufacturing of ground service means, tool for repair and air engineering operation. Manufacture and re-equipment of unmanned air complexes. Repair and modernization of aircrafts MiG-23 of all modifications, repair of units, aggregates and systems of aircraft MiG-21, MiG-27, MiG-29.

CMS Industries, Italy

The development of special-purpose machines.

Connector, Ukraine

Developer and manufacturer of electrical connectors for aerospace industry. Products are certified and used for equipping aircraft and helicopters. Connectors are made according to ARINC600 world standard.

CzechTrade, National Trade Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic

National Agency of the Czech Republic engaged in the exports promotion. The main goal of the organization is to develop international trade and mutual cooperation between Czech and foreign companies.

Department for International Trade (UK Trade & Investment), United Kingdom

Helping UK companies succeed in the global economy. Assisting foreign companies in high-quality investment in the dynamic economy of the United Kingdom.

Depicon, Belgium

Representation of several companies to develop business in the Eastern European markets and vice versa. Support of leading companies such as EuroAvionics, Esterline, Aerosonic, Skytrack, Aerosimulators, HTMS, Saab, (Un)manned.

DeViRo, Ukraine

Development and production of UAVs.

Diagnostic Devices, Ukraine

Sale of non-destructive testing equipment.

Diver Ltd, Ukraine

Koutex polymer composition - production and placement of protective coverings made of it in garages, hangars, airports, diagnostic systems and a wide range of other activities.

Dnepropetrovsk Aggregate Plant, Ukraine

Components of aircraft hydraulic, fuel and electrical supply systems.

Dniprovsky Special Tubes Plant, Ukraine

Producer and supplier of tubes, round rods, seamless elbows of stainless steel, heat - resistant, scale - resistant steel and alloys, titanium and its alloys as well as tubes of refractory metals. The Plant also provides the deep drilling and hole boring service at the special drilling and boring machines.

Element, Ukraine

Development, modernization, manufacturing, testing, certification, repair, maintenance and life extension in the use of: ground - based and on - board aviation electronics engineering, software and hardware for gas - turbine engines testing, electronics for military equipment, missiles and space technique.

Engineering Bureau of Aviation Institute, Ukraine

Development and production of aircraft weights and complexes with a radio channel for weighing and determining the alignment of airplanes and helicopters. Different types of scales.

Equinet Ukraine

Tools and equipment for service stations, and aerospace and energy industries.

Esterline, USA

Innovative cockpit systems integration and avionics solutions for the commercial and military aviation markets.

FED Kharkiv Machine - Building Plant, Ukraine

Production of high precision fuel regulating equipment, integrated hydraulic drives, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, pumping stations for the aviation industry and other branches of machinery building.

FED Public Joint Stock Company, Ukraine

Specialized on the development, manufacture, repair and modernization combined, complex and electromechanics drives of main flight control system, systems of wing mechanization, pumps and electro - drive pumping stations, aggregates of the helicopters fuel system, hydro - systems and systems of power supply of the plain.

Fly Technology, Ukraine

Official distributor of DJI Innovations in Ukraine, a world leader in the quadcopter and multicopter market for professional video shooting and entertainment. We sell quadcopters, stabilizers for cameras and cameras, and more.

Fregat, Plant, Ukraine

Production of hydraulic equipment, hydro - system controls and hydraulic power systems, winches, gearboxes and other engineering products, precision castings, HDG coatings, production of irrigation machines, agricultural equipment, towers for mobile service transmission, guardrails and other metal structures.

GE Aviation, UK

GE Aviation is a world-leading provider of commercial, military and business and general aviation jet and turboprop engines and components as well as avionics, electrical power and mechanical systems for aircraft. GE has a global service network to support these offerings. GE Aviation is becoming a digital industrial business with its ability to harness large streams of data that are providing incredible insights and in turn, real operational value for customers.

Generator Plant, Ukraine

Production and repair of VHF devices, repair and upgrade of air defense systems of small and medium range.

Gorizont, Ukraine

Manufacture of helicopters.

Helitraining Ukraine

Design, development and manufacture of advanced flight simulators with FNPT-FFS (according to JAR-FSTD H) qualification levels and training systems for the helicopter crew training (CBTS).

Heroux Devtek, UK

Design, development, manufacture, integration, testing and repair and overhaul of landing gear and actuation systems and components for the Aerospace industry.

Hydrobest, Ukraine

Aircraft hoses.

Inspecprom, Ukraine

Inspecprom is a part of Research-and-production Association Group of companies "MAGR". Development and production of a long range of equipment for defense industry are the main lines of activities. Scientific and technical potential makes it possible to solve various tasks, to offer produce and service and to solve a problem of import substitution.

Institute of Advanced Technologies, Ukraine

Development of maps, globes, GISs, aerial photography using UAVs, software for geoportals, WEB-technologies.

Inter-Informatics Group, Czech Republic

Engineering and design services in the aerospace industry.

Intron-Set, Ukraine

Development, manufacture, supply, implementation and repair of equipment for non - destructive testing of metals, composites, steel cables, weld seams hermeticity.

Itec, Ukraine

Development and production of unmanned aerial systems. Patriot and Skif UAVs.

Ivchenko-Progress, Ukraine

Is a part of Ukroboronprom concern. Designing, manufacturing, certification, repair, testing, sending to mass production and further increase of gas turbine engines of aviation and industrial application.

Izyum Instrument - Making Plant, Ukraine

Production of high-quality optical glass; design and manufacture of optoelectronic devices guidance systems and their components for antitank weapons system; design and manufacture of sea - based observation stations, sighting and fire control systems, driver night vision devices for all types of armored vehicles, antiaircraft sights.

Karpaty State Production Association, Ukraine

Production of automated control systems for air defense complexes.

KNM, Ukraine

Supply, repair and modernization of such test equipment as climatic chambers; thermal vacuum chambers; salt fog chambers, sand chambers, rain chambers; vibration test rigs, shock absorber test rigs, etc.


Official representative of the international holding company Kontron AG, one of the leading manufacturers of embedded computer equipment for further use in telecommunications systems, industrial automation systems, medical equipment, test equipment, aerospace systems, military systems.

Krasyliv Aggregate Plant, Ukraine

Manufacture, maintenance of standard attachable equipment for fighters MiG-29, SU-27, SU-24 and Yak. Participation in production of antitank missile complex "Stugna-P" and assault rifle "Malyuk".

Kyiv Automatics Plant, Ukraine

Single design and technology and production complex, with a high level of infrastructure for the production of electromechanical devices and control systems of mine-and-torpedo and missile weapons, armored vehicles, spacecraft and marine navigation systems.

Kyiv Central Design Bureau of Valves, Ukraine

Development and production of valves for nuclear power plants and pneumatic - hydraulic units for the aerospace industry.

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, National Technical University of Ukraine

NTU "KPI" Nanosatellite. The plastic material for the manufacture of containers for packaging products for the military. The use of laser processing to improve the quality of products for military use. Other developments.

Linkstar, Ukraine

Manufacture and service of aircraft trainers and simulators, instrumentation for different types of aircraft and helicopters, as well as their maintenance and modernization.

LORTA, Lviv State Plant, Ukraine

Production of electronics for use in armoured force vehicles, guidance links for anti - armour radio guided missiles together with their checkout equipment, radar equipment, other special purpose electronics, and also 30 mm automatic guns.

Ltava Plant, Ukraine

Manufacture and designer of electrical connectors, switches, contact devices and connecting plugs for microelectronics, carrier satellites.

Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant, Ukraine

Repair of aircraft and military purpose equipment. The specialization of the plant: front fighters and fighter - bombers of "MiG" type.

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, UK

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group specialises in the conversion and modification of military, civil and business aircraft, alongside defence vehicle engineering and shelter manufacture. Its capabilities include engineering design, manufacture and test and the provision of personnel, training and advice, whilst providing maintenance, integration, manufacture and product support.

Mashintech, Ukraine

Official representative of Mitsubishi Electric EDM/Laser and Sunnen. Supply and maintenance of metal working equipment.

Mayak Plant, Ukraine

Development, production, sale, repair, upgrade and recycling of weapons and military equipment.

Meridian named after S.P. Korolyov, Ukraine

Manufacture of radio-measuring devices (spectral analyzers, time measurement devices, frequency generators and synthesizers, special - purpose devices), radio receiver sets, personalization means of computer and telecommunications systems.

MiGremont, Zaporizhya State Aircraft Repair Plant, Ukraine

Modernization, medium (overhaul) repair and repair of the technical condition of MiG-25, Su-27, Su-17, Su-25, Su-17 aircrafts of all modifications, their aggregates and systems; technical maintenance of operations of above mentioned aircrafts.

Military Institute of Armament Technology / Wojskowy Instytut Techniczny Uzbrojenia, Poland

Scientific research in the field of artillery, small arms and aircraft weapons, radar and missile systems and ammunition research and testing.

Moravian Aerospace Cluster, Czech Republic

Association of aerospace companies and educational institutions in the Moravian region.

Motor Sich, Ukraine

Designing, manufacture, in-service support, repair and modernization of gas - turbine equipment (modern aeroengines for airplanes and helicopters, gas - turbine drives, automated gas - turbine power - generating sets, gas pumping units); helicopters; numerically controlled metal - working machines.

Motor, Lutsk Repair Plant, Ukraine

Overhaul of aircraft engines and all their components and aggregates (installed on the aircrafts Su-17, Su-20, Su-22, Su-24 (M), Su-27, Su-30, MiG-29, IL-76, IL-78).

Mykolaiv Aircraft Repair Plant, Ukraine

Repair of aircraft equipment; overhaul and middle repair of various aircraft types and engines, and also ship gas and turbine installations and component parts.

NAK Company, Ukraine

Development and implementation of hydraulic solutions based on components of leading manufacturers. Manufacture and sale of high - pressure hoses, power packs, hydraulic cylinders, filtration systems. Sales of fire - resistant materials, hydraulic tubes, quick - detachable tube fittings.

National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute", Ukraine

Training of aerospace industry professional. Activities both in creating new models of aerospace engineering and application of such developments in other industries.

National Aviation University, Ukraine

An experimental unmanned twin-engineaircraft M-7D "Sky Patrol". Multipurpose unmanned aerial complex M 6-3 "Lark." Mobile unmanned aerial complex M-10 "Eye 2". Acoustic monitoring system "Trembita-M".

Novator, Ukraine

Production of on-board radio electronic, radar, radio navigation, and other equipment for aviation and space industries.

Odessa Aircraft Plant, Ukraine

Overhaul, repair as per technical condition, control and recovery works, extension of service life indications and upgrading of aircraft.

Odessa National Polytechnic University, Ukraine

Simulation of parameters of charge-sensitive amplifiers with correction. Planting (flight) altimeter. Processing information on regular components in vibroacoustic signal in the automated system of technical diagnostics of the rotary machines.

Odessa Research Institute of Television Technology, Ukraine

Development and production of special purpose radio and television techniques.

On Systems Limited, UK

Design and manufacture of high grade power supplies and complete power conversion equipment for harsh military environments.

ONIKO, Ukraine

Non-destructive testing products.

Orizon-Navigation, Ukraine

Development and production of satellite navigation equipment of the GPS and GLONASS Systems.

PBS Velká Biteš, Czech Republic

A leading manufacturer of aerospace technology – auxiliary power units (APU), environmental control systems (ECS) and high-power turbine engines.

Photoprylad Research and Production Complex, Ukraine

Systems on targeting, guidance and fire control of armored vehicles, combat helicopters, artillery; control systems of antitank missile complexes of helicopters and ground facilities; night vision devices; materials processing equipment of aero- and space photo reconnaissance; devices for machine building.

Plant 410 Civil Aviation, Ukraine

Diagnostics, repair, maintenance, refurbishment and modernization of aircraft and helicopters.


Supply of plastic materials to the Ukrainian defense and aerospace industry.

Progress, Scientific Industrial Complex, Ukraine

Development and production of complex optic electronic devices and gyroscopic devices for weaponry (high pressure artillery weaponry complexes, air defense missile system homers, Air-to-Air type missiles, aircraft protection systems from missiles with IR homing heads).


Provider of engineering services in aircraft and automotive industries, as well as airport and other infrastructure facilities engineering and design.

Promavtomatika, Ukraine

Harness Center that produces cable assemblies, wire harnesses and cable systems. Also company supplies all kinds of electronic components for harness production and cabling.

Promtechcomplekt-Ukraine, Ukraine

Supply process equipment, development board cable networks and systems of power aircraft, development and production of connectors, maintenance and repair of ATE.

Prostir 3D, Ukraine

3D systems for manufacturing of models, details, prototypes and models. Milling centers for light alloys, plastics and composites processing. Technologies and materials for creation of model rigging.

Radar, the Kyiv Factory, Ukraine

Manufacture and repair of radar systems.

Radionix, Ukraine

Design, produce, and upgrade electronic equipment for the military radar weapon control systems, optoelectronics aiming systems, communication systems, navigation and ECM systems, and for the other types of the radio electronic equipment.

Radiorele Plant, Ukraine

Research and technological capacity of the enterprise can solve any problem of double - current electrical switching with voltage up to 250V and current up to 16A.

Selton, Ukraine

Ukrainian plant of industrial filtering equipment and filter elements. Manufacture of filters for aviation and military special machinery for cleaning, hydraulic and technical liquids, oils and air.

SOLID, Ukraine

Computer-assisted design (СAD) and product lifecycle management with implementation of products by Dassault Systemes.

Spetstechnoexport, Ukraine

Export and import activities on the foreign armament markets.

Stan-Komplekt, Ukraine

Metalworking equipment.

State Aviation Museum, Ukraine

State Aviation Museum is the largest scientific and technical museum of Ukraine. According to the CNN channel rating it occupies the sixth place among the best aviation museums in the world. The Museum exhibition is more than 90 samples of aircraft. Collections of the Museum are regularly updated with new exhibits formed in thematic exposition and conducts scientific and educational activities aimed at preserving aviation history of Ukraine and promotion of Aviation in society.

State Research Institute of Aviation, Ukraine

Is an interdepartmental (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine) scientific research institution as a part of the National Aviation University. It was created for scientific and technical support of development, modernization, exploitation, repair and continuation of established resource indicators of aviation machinery of state aviation.

Stels-S, Ukraine

Supply of airman’s headsets: air born, helicopter and terrestrial headsets as well as their accessories.

Stomil-Poznań, Poland

Tires for military aircraft, fighter aircraft and helicopters.

Stork, Ukraine

Maintenance, development and sells of aircraft equipment.


Ukrainian dealer of leading international manufacturers and brands of electronic components, equipment and tools.

Taegutec, Ukraine

Hard-alloyed plates, holders, end-mills, mills, drills, mandrels, collet chucks, grooving tools, cutting tools, special tools. Representative of ТМ TaeguTec (South Korea).

Telecard-Prylad, Ukraine

Communication and automation for military forces.

Ternopil Ivan Pul'uj National Technical University, Ukraine

Switching power supply with power factor corrector. Integrated UHF frequency combiner of C and Ku bands. The control antennas and complex management system. Hardware and software complex for UAV remote control.

Teteriv, Production Association, Ukraine

Hemostatic agents (medical products).

Tucana Engineering, Kyiv Office, Ukraine

Kyiv office of Tucana Engineering LLC international group of companies provides engineering services to the aerospace and automotive industries.

Twist Engineering Company, Ukraine

Supply of САМ-software of Esprit (USA), precision cutting tools of Guehring (Germany), thread processing tools of Vargus (Israel) and others. Representative of ТМ Corun (Serbia).

Ukrainian Defense Corporation

Manufacturer of composite aircraft, UAVs, artillery fire control systems, targeting systems.

Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Radio Equipment, Ukraine

Development, research and serial producing of aircraft board radio equipment for different types of aircraft.

Ukrainian Scientific - Research Institute of Aviation Technology, Ukraine

Development of the program and the forecast - analytical materials in the field of aviation and science - engineering. Development of the normative documentation in the field of aircraft engineering, normative - methodical and information support of the life cycle of aircraft. Technological design of aircraft and aircraft manufacturing enterprises. Prediction and determination of the labour and material costs for the production of aircraft. Creation of effective technologies, methods and means of performing a high - loaded compounds.

Ukraviasnab, Ukraine

Supply of aerospace polyurethane coating materials and аviation chemistry, equipment, spares, components, electrical batteries, aircraft floodlight lamp, glass cockpits, resistance temperature devices, annunciator, light fitting, rubber goods for maintenance and repair of aircraft for aircraft repair companies. The official distributor of the world known manufacturer of aerospace advanced coatings "Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings", Netherlands, on the territory of Ukraine.

Ukrinmash, Ukraine

Trade supplies of arms, ammunition, military and special purpose equipment.

Ukroboronprom, Ukraine

State union of defense industry enterprises of Ukraine, which lead the activity in developing, manufacturing, trading, modernization, repair and recycling of armament, military and special equipment, ammunition.

Ukroboronservice, Ukraine

Implementation of Ukraine's interests in the sphere of export and import of products and services of military technical and special purpose.

Ukrpromvnedrenie, Ukraine

Manufacturing and sales of electro insulation materials (varnishes, compounds, enamels, plastic laminates, varnish cloths, mica tapes, micanites), glass fiber materials (glass fabrics, construction, filter, glass tapes, banding tapes, heat resistant materials made of glass fabrics), wire and cable products (installation wires, winding wires).

Ukrradioprom, Ukraine

Production of wire harnesses and cable assemblies.

Ukrspecexport, Ukraine

Authorized by the state as a mediator in conduction of foreign economic activity in the sphere of export and import of goods and services of military and special purpose.

Ukrspecsystems, Ukraine

Manufacturer of Guider UAV, PC-1 quadcopter, gyrostabilized gimbals for different versions of UAVs and multicopters.

Ukrspetstechnika, Ukraine

Design, manufacture and modernization of armament and military machinery, namely: radar detection systems of air, ground above - water targets; automated management systems of army, intelligence, weapons for air forces, navy, police and border guards; technical data protection means.

Ukrsputnik, Ukraine

Official representative of Rockwell Collins in Ukraine. Dealer of ACR Electronics and Orolia, SkyTrac Systems, Thommen Aircraft Equipment, Aveo Engineering, Iridium.

Ukrtehavia, Ukraine

Production of dual-use air products, aircraft bearings, components for machinery and ammunition.

Unitech, Ukraine

Manufacture of spare parts, metal and rubber products for the aircraft industry.

URS, Ukraine

Partner of Dedrone (Germany), offers complete solution to secure your airspace. The system detects different kinds of drones using pattern recognition capabilities automatically 24/7. DroneTracker is a multi-sensor system. The software notifies you with an alarm and can be connected to your existing security system.

Varitek, Ukraine

Supply of metalworking and metallurgical machinery, including provision of tools, technological and service support. Representative of ТМ Doosan (South Korea), HansLaser (China), LOCH, Jaespa (Germany), Travis (Spain), GMTK, Juaristi (Spain), Millstar, ECOCA (Taiwan).

Varius, Ukraine

Supply of metal - working machinery and tools, hard - alloyed tools, auxiliaries for CNC machines. Representative of TM TaeguTec, Doosan (South Korea), measuring tools and controlling devices IDF (Italy), Wikus (Germany), Artech (Bulgaria), Guabo (Italy), Swiss Tools (Switzerland).

Vatra Corporation, Ukraine

Production of energy-saving LED lighting.

Vertol Aero, Poland

Manufacture, delivery and the repair of aircraft parts, components and accessories for the Mi- and Ka- type helicopters, An-, Yak-, Il- and Tu-type aircraft. The company's goal is to become one of the largest suppliers of aviation equipment in the world, retaining the highest quality standards. The company guarantees the timely and proper execution of the customer's requirements.

Vizar, Zhulyany Machine - Building Plant, Ukraine

Manufacture of complex high-tech large products for special purposes. Overhaul and modernization of aircraft L-39С, L-39ZA, L-39ZO, its assemblies, aggregates and equipment, auxiliary power plants "SAPPHIRE-5", demilitarization, update of aircraft on L-39D and delivery to the customer (according to civil aviation requirements), manufacturing of ground service means, tool for repair and air engineering operation. Manufacture and re-equipment of unmanned air complexes. Repair and modernization of aircrafts MiG-23 of all modifications, repair of units, aggregates and systems of aircraft MiG-21, MiG-27, MiG-29.

Wall Colmonoy, UK

Aerobraze Engineered Technologies is a specialized unit of Wall Colmonoy Limited, located in Pontardawe, Swansea, South Wales. The company provides aircraft MRO services.

WB Electronics, Poland

UAV, C4ISR, radios, artillery fire management systems.

Yuzhnoye State Design Bureau named after M.K Yangel, Ukraine

One of the most well-known and recognized scientific and design companies in the world in the field of space technology development.

Yuzhny Machine - Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov, Production Association, Ukraine

One of the world’s scientific and industrial complexes, conducting mass production samples of modern rocket and space technology, space vehicles, aircraft units, products for industrial purposes.

Zakharchenko (Boothunter), Private Enterpreneur, Ukraine

Premium quality Cockpit USA flight jackets. Authentic Western handmade boots (cowboy boots) from the USA and Canada.

Zhytomyr State Technological University, Ukraine

Various developments for defense and aerospace industries.


Aviatsiya i Vremya, Ukraine

Aviation magazine.

Aviatsiya Obshchego Naznacheniya, Ukraine

Magazine for amateurs and professionals in the aviation industry.

Dilovyi Visnyk, Ukraine

Magazine of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Kryla Ukrainy

Center of military music art of the Air Force of Ukraine.

Nauka i Technika, Ukraine


Promyshlennost v Fokuse, Ukraine

Information and analytical international technology magazine.

Transport, Ukraine

Weekly industry magazine.