Exhibitions in Kyiv

15 Brovarskoy Ave., UA-02002 Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.\fax: +38 044 201 11 61

List of participants

(as of 18 May 2017)

Company, Country


A-Energy, Ukraine

Engineering in the design, development and mass production of robotics and remote‑controlled vehicles.

A-Line, Ukraine

Development, production and wholesale. Tactical gear for special forces. Hunting gear. Various concealed carry holsters.

A.T.A.K.A., Ukraine

Development and production of military clothing and gear.

Aerotech, Ukraine

Development and manufacture of electronics for aerospace industry, maintenance, repair.

AMO1, Ukraine

Engineering factory. Production of gearboxes, pumps and accessories.

Armorum Solutions, Ukraine

Signals intelligence solutions ("Shadow" system), mounts for machine guns ("Dyadya Vanya mounts"), upgrade of small arms.

Asturawsmd, Ukraine

Development and production of muzzle brakes and suppressors.

ATA-GEAR (Assault Tactical Advantage), Ukraine

Ukrainian national company that manufactures tactical gear of new generation, which gives you great tactical advantage. Specifically we produce holsters, sheath, pouches, etc. Our products are made of high-quality materials from USA by best Ukrainian masters, considering the experience of military specialists, police officers, sport-shooters, skilled civilian shooters.

Automotors, Ukraine

Representative of Deutz AG, offers modern engines by DEUTZ (Germany) and transmissions by Allison. Supplier of new and reconditioned engines, as well as service and spare parts.

Avantmarket, Ukraine

Supplier of high-quality LED lights, hand, classic, and headlamp, hiking, lanterns, batteries (Fenix, Poarion, Zebra, Ganzo).

AvtoKrAZ, Ukraine

Manufacturer of heavy vehicles KrAZ for army, police, law enforcement agencies and others.

Bee Pitron Cherkasy, Ukraine

Competencies in the sphere of board cable network, distribution systems and power supply protections; three‑dimensional design; electric design; element base; regulatory documents.

Beijing TrueGuard Co, China

Production of tactical gear and clothing.

Bezpeka-Komplex, Ukraine

Tactical gear.

Camo-Tec, Ukraine

Wholesale and retail trade in clothing and footwear.

Carboline, Ukraine

Development and production of UAVs. Production of composite case and others. parts and structures. Sales of composite materials.

CMS Industries, Italy

The development of special-purpose machines.

Danaper Group, Ukraine

Tactical gear.

DeNaVi, Ukraine

Production of bags and back packs for military and tourist applications.

Department of Police Security, National Police of Ukraine of the MIA of Ukraine

Full complex of security services.

DeViRo, Ukraine

Development and production of UAVs.

Dneprovsky Special Tubes Plant, Ukraine

Producer and supplier of tubes, round rods, seamless elbows of stainless steel, heat‑resistant, scale-resistant steel and alloys, titanium and its alloys as well as tubes of refractory metals. The Plant also provides the deep drilling and hole boring service at the special drilling and boring machines.

Dolya & Co., Ukraine

Radio equipment, digital radio systems, trunking system, professional and consumer radio.

Element, Ukraine

Development, modernization, manufacturing, testing, certification, repair, maintenance and life extension in the use of: ground-based and on‑board aviation electronics engineering, software and hardware for gas‑turbine engines testing, electronics for military equipment, missiles and space technique.

Elista-1, Ukraine

Airsoft arms, optics, ammunitions, tactical outfit.

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kyiv, Trade and Investment Promotion Office

Diplomatic mission.

Fahrenheit, Ukraine

Design of military equipment system. Manufacture of clothes and equipment for servicemen made of POLARTEC LLC fabric.

FED Kharkiv Machine‑Building Plant, Ukraine

Production of high precision fuel regulating equipment, integrated hydraulic drives, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, pumping stations for the aviation industry and other branches of machinery building.

FED Public Joint Stock Company, Ukraine

Specialized on the development, manufacture, repair and modernization combined, complex and electromechanics drives of main flight control system, systems of wing mechanization, pumps and electro‑drive pumping stations, aggregates of the helicopters fuel system, hydro‑systems and systems of power supply of the plain.

Fibex, Ukraine

Paracord, minicord, fluorescent paracord.

Fischer Connectors, Switzerland

Production of military connectors.

Fort, State Owned Science‑Industrial Association of the MIA of Ukraine, Ukraine

Manufacturer of fighting weapon, hunting and sporting arms, ammunition, special equipment (handcuffs, rubber truncheon, devices for forced stopping of vehicles), covers and holsters etc.

Fregat, Plant, Ukraine

Production of hydraulic equipment, hydro‑system controls and hydraulic power systems, winches, gearboxes and other engineering products, precision castings, HDG coatings, production of irrigation machines, agricultural equipment, towers for mobile service transmission, guardrails and other metal structures.

GALT, Ukraine

Supply of fabrics and accessories made in the US for military, tactical, hunting and sporting equipment.

Garda, Ukraine

Production of leather footwear.

Gorka Expert, Ukraine

Production of military clothing.

Grand Textile, Ukraine

Special purpose textiles.

Hammer-Market Ukraine

RecoilTM weapon сleaning and maintenance products. RecoilTM cotton patches. RecoilTM aerosol camouflage paint.

HiWING Mechanical & Electrical Technology Corp., Ltd., China

International marketing platform of civilian products of the Third Academy, which supplies professional services of international cooperation, technical communication, business consultation and negotiation, projects construction and assets management operation for all clients around the world.

Hydrobest, Ukraine

Aircraft hoses.

Ibis, Ukraine

Retail chain where you can find everything for hunting, fishing, sporting, paintball and outdoor sport. The official representative of the world famous brands: Browning, Winchester, Fabarm, Beretta, Caesar Guerini, Piotti, Remington, Walther, Zeiss, Aimpoint, Swarovski.

ICU - Dospekhi dlya glaz, Ukraine

Personal protective equipment - in particular, protective glasses. Representative of such brands as Pyramex (USA), Venture Gear Tactical (US), Global Vision (US), BluWater Polarized (USA).

Institute of Advanced Technologies, Ukraine

Development of maps, globes, GISs, aerial photography using UAVs, software for geoportals, WEB‑technologies.

Intereleсtro, Ukraine

Design and assembling works in the field of guaranteed power supply. Manufacture of electrotechnical products.

International Armored Group, United Arab Emirates

Armored vehicles design and manufacture.

Kainozoy, Ukraine

Field portable water filters and desalinators; water disinfection and water conservation agents, gasoline burners, freeze‑dried food. Representatives of such brands as Katadyn (Switzerland), Spectra Watermakers (Switzerland), Micropur (Switzerland), Optimus (Sweden), Trek'n Eat (Germany).

Kedr, Ukraine

Hunting arms.

Kharkiv Personal Protective Equipment Factory, Ukraine

Body armor, armored plates, tactical gear, "Predator" infantry tactical set.

Kruk, Ukraine

Arms tuning.

Kryukov Railway Car Building Works, Ukraine

Engineering floating technique for Armed forces: self‑propelled ferries, ferry‑bridge machines, underwater reconnaissance machines; there has been created the mine laying vehicle.

Kuznya na Rybalskomu Plant, Kyiv

Ships, patrol and landing boats, Triton armored vehicles, fighting modules (PSM, PSM mini), naval artillery cannons (KAU‑30, KAU‑30M), UAG‑40 automatic grenade launcher.

М-Тас (Militarist), Ukraine

Manufacture and sale of tactical and military clothing and gear.

Materialoznavstvo, Ukraine

Manufacturer of body armors of all protection types.

ME Ukraine

Manufacturer of accessories for weapons.

Ministry of National Defense of Poland

Government institution.

Motorimpex, Ukraine

Hydraulic equipment, hydraulic systems, lubrication systems.

NAK, Ukraine

Development and implementation of hydraulic solutions based on components of leading manufacturers. Manufacture and sale of high‑pressure hoses, power packs, hydraulic cylinders, filtration systems. Sales of fire‑resistant materials, hydraulic tubes, quick‑detachable tube fittings.

Nimrod, Ukraine

Direct cooperation with such weapon producers as Luciano Bosis, Cosmi, Perugini & Visini, Karl Hauptmann, Grulla, Lebeau Courally, Holland&Holland, Purdey, as well as Sabatti, Bettinsoli, and Bernardelli.

Nitecore, Ukraine

LED flashlights and accessories.

Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd., Israel

Provider of innovative infrared imaging systems and advanced vision and surveillance solutions.

Ouvry, France

Production of CBRN protective equipment for military and civilian application.

Paritet-K, Ukraine

Manufacture and sale of safes. The official representative of DensitSecurity (Denmark).

Polish Armaments Group/Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, Poland

State association of Polish defense industry enterprises.

Polish Chamber of National Defence Manufacturers, Poland

Voluntary and self‑governing organization of the Polish enterprises conducting activities in the field of the national defense and security.

Practika, Ukraine

Vehicle armor protection, banking equipment, firefighting equipment.

Prostir 3D, Ukraine

3D systems for manufacturing of models, details, prototypes and models. Milling centers for light alloys, plastics and composites processing. Technologies and materials for creation of model rigging.

Protection Technologies, Ukraine

All-service masks, respiratory protective equipment in protective facilities, air filtration equipment.

Radionix, Ukraine

Design, produce, and upgrade electronic equipment for the military radar weapon control systems, optoelectronics aiming systems, communication systems, navigation and ECM systems, and for the other types of the radio electronic equipment.

Reloader, Ukraine

Import and sale of reloading equipment.

Roda-Computers, Ukraine

Protected IT equipment for extreme operating conditions. Main trademarks are Roda (Germany) and Terra (Germany).

Sanrenmu Ukraine

Knives, multitools, scissors, paracord and paracord products.

Selton, Ukraine

Ukrainian plant of industrial filtering equipment and filter elements. Manufacture of filters for aviation and military special machinery for cleaning, hydraulic and technical liquids, oils and air.

SkyStep, Ukraine

Shoes producer.

SkyWideSystems, Ukraine

Manufacture and sale of the parachute equipment. Training of parachute experts.

SmaCom, Ukraine

Production of ready-to-eat meals, meals in retort pouches and daily field rations.

Smart Defence, Ukraine

Protective equipment for police and border guard.

Sparing-Vist Center, Ukraine

Manufacturer of radiation damage monitor under the brand name EKOTEST.

Special Tactical Systems, Ukraine

Development and production of professional tactical gear and clothing. Production of backpacks, weapon cases, belts and cartridge pouches.

Spetsmontazh, Ukraine

Production and installation of steel structures.

Sprut Arsenal, Ukraine

Development and production of a new domestic bulletproof wheel system.

State Research Institute of MIA of Ukraine

Design of protective equipment, weapons and special equipment.


Trade in outdoor and tactical products.

Strila, Ukraine

Manufacturer of weapon accessories.

Stvol, Ukraine

STVOL stays among hunting & shooting market key players having won the market share of about 45% of all the operations in the Ukraine. We are exclusive representative in Ukraine of BERETTA GROUP FABBRICA D'ARMI PIETRO BERETTA, BENELLI ARMI, FRANCHI, SAKO, TIKKA, STOEGER, BERETTA BENELLI IBERICA. And also other well‑known firearms, cartridges, airguns, optics, clothes and accessories companies.


Ukrainian dealer of leading international manufacturers and brands of electronic components, equipment and tools.

Tactical Systems, Ukraine

Supplier to Ukraine of military goods and firearms, accessories for weapons, equipment and facilities equipment. The official representative of the world famous brands: Brugger&Thomet AG, FN Herstal, RUAG Ammotec, LACROIX Defence&Security, Typhoon International, ISS (Infrared Security Solutions), Vectronix, VTQ, Zeiss Optronics GmbH, Steiner, NFM, MK Technology, GK Professional, TAIGA, Carinthia, Eberlestock, Camelback, Revision, MB Microtec (TRASER), Gumarni Zubri.

Takho, Ukraine

Manufacture of weapons and ammunition. Other wholesale. Research and development in technical sciences.

Techimpex, Ukraine

Repair and modernization of military equipment.

Techvagonmash, Ukraine

Organization of repair facilities for military equipment.

Telecard-Prylad, Ukraine

Communication and automation for military forces.

TEMP-3000, Ukraine

Facilities of armor protection for subdivisions of MIA, MoD and guard structures.

Thermal Vision Technologies, Ukraine

Designer and manufacturer of modern high‑tech electronics and optoelectronics.

Transbit, Poland

Telecommunications equipment for military application.

Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Computer Technology, Ukraine

Design and manufacture of printed circuit boards; contract development and manufacturing of electronics (high‑speed data processing systems).

Ukroboronprom, State Concern, Ukraine

State union of defense industry enterprises of Ukraine, which lead the activity in developing, manufacturing, trading, modernization, repair and recycling of armament, military and special equipment, ammunition.

UkrShelter, Ukraine

Manufacturing of camouflage nets for military application, military clothing and clothing for hunters.

Uniform Club, Ukraine

Production of tactical gear.

Unit TMT, Ukraine

Manufacture and sale of military and outdoor products (clothing, bags, backpacks, gear).

UTactic, Ukraine

Development and manufacture of tactical gear and apaprel under UTactic brand name.

VD MAIS, Ukraine

Sale of electronic components, measuring devices, electromechanical products, production of printed circuit boards, contract manufacturing of electronics.

Vesna-Dilogiya, Ukraine

Manufacture of uniforms and military apparel.

Viakom, Ukraine

Market leader in electronics; provides a full range of active and passive components, including special application, including products of Amphenol, Harwin, Tyco, Carling Tech, Saft and Vitzro Cell, Vicor, Altera, NXP and others.

WB Electronics, Poland

UAV, C4ISR, radios, artillery fire management systems.

Webasto Thermo and Comfort Ukraine

Development, sale and installation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems for military vehicles.

XADO-Technology, Ukraine

Weapon maintenance products: lubricants, oils, revitalizing gels.

Zbroia, Ukraine

Manufacturer of air-soft and Flobert guns, accessories, sales of world famous brands of hunting arms.

Zbroyar, Ukraine

Manufacturing, modernization and repair of hunting and sporting arms.

Zenkis, Ukraine

Manufacturing of uniforms and military outfit.