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As a part of complex exhibition project, covering major sectors of economy – agriculture, water industry, power energy, housing and municipal service, design and construction, the XII Agroindustrial Trade Fair «AGROFORUM – 2015» was held.
The event was traditionally supported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and included into the list of domestic and foreign trade fairs to be held in 2015 with participation of the Ministry according to the Order №206 from 02.06.2015 «About Exhibitions and Fairs in 2015». International Exhibition Centre is the organizer of the event.
This year event was held on November 10-13 at International Exhibition Centre (15, Brovarsky Ave, «Livoberezhna» underground station, Kyiv).

Agroindustrial Trade Fair «Agroforum – 2015» was included to extended exhibition project consisting of International Water Forum «AQUA UKRAINE», International Trade Fair «CommunTech», International Trade Fair «Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy», International Trade Fair «EuroBuildExpo», International Trade Fair «Industrial Ecology». More than 350 Ukrainian enterprises and well-known manufacturers from Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and the USA presented their products in the mentioned categories. Trade Fairs with total area about 13 000 sq m were attended by more than 8000 representatives of various branches of economy. Total number of all specialized business events made up 15 this year.

Present-day agrarian sector greatly depends on non-renewable energy sources – oil, coal, gas, peat and materials. National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» and National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine presented their research and developments of environmental management, treatment and rehabilitation methods of soil fertility and crop yields, efficient use of energy by reducing losses, organizational and economic mechanisms of energy consumption, energy saving technologies and equipment, recycled energy sources etc.

In these sectors, products and technologis were introduced by: Bricketing technologies - a known manufacturer of equipment to produce fuel briquettes and granules; Bioobladservis - a provider of design services, manufacture and completing of granulation and briquetting lines of all biomass types; drying facilities with use of energy efficient technology for sugar, juice, canning and other processing enterprises; Schulz Trade - manufacturer of heating equipment and facilities for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries.

Kharkiv Tractor Plant, PJSC also presented its latest development – the innovative electric tractor «Edisson», which attracted great visitors’ attention. The model was designed jointly with AutoEnterprise and is unique in the world. This «green» tractor is equipped with 24-kW lithium-ion batteries and electric motor of Nissan Motors with capacity of 35 hp. Full battery charge needs 2-4 hours from the charger and 8-10 hours from 220V unit. Electric machine use reduced operating costs in comparison with a diesel analogue to approximately 95%. Besides, an electric tractor can increase productivity to 20%.

The exposition of cargo transport for agriculture, gardening equipment, lifting equipment, spare parts, rubber products, machine filters was represented by Hifi Filter Polska Sp. z o.o. (Poland), Vintal - Plus, VPK - Service, DET - UA, Rail Plant, Hemmel - Ukraine.

Traditionally, visitors were acquainted with grain drying and elevator equipment, analysis devices for grain and frameless hangars produced by Agrilab, Azovagrosnab, Angarpivdenbud, Makrolab LTD, NEO Co., Agrofirma TORA; and Avallon - leading manufacturer of protective nets, widely used in gardening, viniculture and poultry. Inagropart presented generators of hot and cold fog by WANJET (Sweden) and Longrayfog (China). Fog generators are used for agricultural products and plant protection, liquid fertilizer applications, pest control, disinfection and smell destroying. Disinfection solutions were offered by Vredytelyam.net company. A well-known Ukrainian manufacturer Promelektro - Kharkiv presented surface electric pumps «Vodoley» and also shredders IKOR-01 IKOR-02 for grain and root processing for pet food preparation in farms and households, electric motors AIR 71, 80, 90.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is energy-dependent country, thus reduce of fuel consumption and search of own renewable energy sources, together with development of energy efficient technology and environmental concern, are the most relevant topics nowadays. Holding of International scientific conference «Engineering of Natural Resources» (organized by National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and Research Institute of Agro - Technology, Energy and Information) proved the need of cooperation of science and industry to solve these issues. Speeches were devoted to cultivation and processing of power trees, biofuel production from raw vegetable oil, control of biofuel quality and vegetable wastes at agricultural enterprises, mechanization of livestock, monitoring of agricultural land, biotechnology and bioenergy, environmental protection and innovations in agrarian sector.

Report on «Efficient Use of Precision Farming Crop» by Yaroslav Boyko, Managing director of Agrilab – the leading company in implementation of precision farming at agribusinesses of Ukraine, called professional interest. Representatives of National Scientific Center «Institute of Agrarian Economy» prerared an attractive report on trends of innovative operation model of agricultural development. Head of Department of material and technical resources Oleksandr Zakharchuk suggested to discuss the critical issue «The Agricultural Machinery Market in Ukraine», and his colleagues Stepan Navrotskyi and Alla Voytyuk suggested «Insurance Coverage of Agricultural Enterprises», «Financial and Economic Mechanisms of Technical Service Development». Expert engineers and scientists of the University - Gennady Golub, Oleksandr Voinalovych also presented their research portfolios.

The most priority task Ukraine faces today is establishing of open and transparent agricultural land market, efficient use of farmland, legal and financial regulations of land lease, solving urgent problems by external financing (profit increase through budgeting and controlling). Experts of Otten Consulting shared their views upon this problem, based on their own experience, during seminar «Solutions of Agrobusiness Financing».

Practical use of European principles of democratic governance and further promotion of state decentralization require international best experience. DESPRO is a Swiss - Ukrainian project «Decentralization Support in Ukraine», funded by the Swiss Confederation through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by the Swiss resource and consulting center on development (Skat). In order of managing system optimization and promoting effective local development DESPRO held a round table named «Drinking Water Supply in the Village: Challenges and Plans of Development». Discussion touched the most urgent issues on legal regulation of centralized drinking water supply in countryside.

Participants and visitors of Trade Fair confirmed the relevance of this annual event in case of new agricultural year planning, determined development areas of the branch, introduction of science and modern technology, as well as energy - saving and environmental technology.

International Agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM 2015

International Agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM 2015

International Agroindustrial Trade Fair AGROFORUM 2015

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Plant growing


Animal and poultry breeding


Energy efficiency




Storage and processing of agricultural products


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