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Report on the results of
XII International Forum
Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine:
the Present and the Future

Today, the energy factor exerts a determining influence on the development of the economic situation in Ukraine. The deficit of fuel and power resources in the country requires from the managers, who work at all levels of management of the fuel and energy complex, operational managerial decisions on the revision of mechanisms and measures of energy policy, urgent implementation of structural reforms, reliable supply of fuel and power resources, and improvement of energy efficiency of the enterprises.

Conducting the XII International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: the Present and the Future" on 23-25 September in the territory of the International Exhibition Centre (15 Brovarskyi ave., Kyiv, Ukraine) rallied on the main exhibition business-platform of Ukraine the representatives of the branch intellectual and engineering elite with serious production, scientific, technical and personnel potential capable to implement organisational and legal, production and technical, financial, economic and scientific objectives of the "road map" of the present and the future of domestic power engineering.

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine
The International Exhibition Centre

Under the patronage of:
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

The format of the XII International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: the Present and the Future":
- The industry-specific exposition of the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine
- The XІI International Trade Fair "Power Engineering for Industry - 2014"
- Business programme

A high level of government support of the International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: the Present and the Future", the recognised authority in the environment of energy community, the status of the participants, the effectiveness of application of the best practices and knowledge in the solution of difficult branch problems allow asserting that this complex event is considered rightfully to be a hallmark of the domestic power industry.

On 23 September, an official opening ceremony of the XII International Trade Fair "Power Engineering for Industry - 2014" and the International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: the Present and the Future", which was attended by Yurii Ziukov, First Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine; Vadym Ulida, Deputy Minister; Christian Schoenenberger, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Switzerland in Ukraine; Anatolii Tkachenko, General Director of the International Exhibition Centre; and representatives of energy companies and business circles of Ukraine. We will also note that on 23 September, the Energy Community Ministerial Council meeting, which Ukraine hosted as a presiding party, was opened in Kyiv.

The guests of honour congratulated the participants and the visitors on the opening of the Forum and the trade fair and emphasized that holding of industry forum and trade fair was a significant event for the creation of a fundamentally new energy market in Ukraine, and the integration of our country into the European political, economic and legal space.

It was also pointed out that the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine was facing vital tasks of strengthening the energy security of the country, ensuring the diversification of sources and routes of energy supply, increasing in the domestic production of energy resources, introducing the energy-efficient technologies and developing the alternative energy sources. The active participants of the trade fair and the Forum who are the driving force of the country changes oriented to work successfully at the domestic energy market and to promote energy independence of Ukraine are to solve these problems.

On the occasion of the Forum and the trade fair opening, the guests of honour cut the symbolic ribbon with a formal ceremony and got acquainted with the exposition of total exhibition are of about 2600 sq. m. The trade fair concentrated on the one site manufacturing, research and investment potential of both domestic and foreign enterprises of the fuel and energy complex, power machine building, electrotechnical industry, instrument engineering, and industrial electronics.

Participation of 111 leading domestic and foreign companies is a convincing evidence of their readiness to involve their powerful potential for the solution of the questions of speedy technological re-equipment and modernization of energy enterprises, to introduce the latest energy-saving technologies in all spheres of production and consumption. In the present circumstances hard for the country, it is difficult to overestimate the participation of 14 foreign companies from Austria, Azerbaijan, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and 97 Ukrainian enterprises, which showed their consolidated position aimed at updating the energy industry. At their stands, the exhibitors demonstrated some investment projects of the energy infrastructure development, the latest samples of the energy, electrotechnical, and lighting equipment and devices, automated energy management systems, and energy-saving technologies and design.


The sectoral exposition presented a detailed energy system of the country with a demonstration of the current state of the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine, the prospects of its development, the plans for modernization and reconstruction of the FEC facilities, covering practically all spheres of the energy sector: electric power industry, nuclear power engineering, hydropower engineering, thermal power generation, and oil industry.

The following energy companies working in the segments of energy resource extraction, energy generation, distribution and marketing took part in the exhibition: NPC Ukrenergo SE, Ukrhydroenergo PJSC, SE NNEGC Energoatom, SS Rivnenska NPP, SS Khmelnytska NPP, SS Yuzhnoukrainska NPP, SS Zaporizka NPP, State Concerrn Nuclear Fuel, Centrenergo PJSC, Kharkivoblenergo PJSC, Khmelnytskoblenergo PJSC, Cherkasyoblenergo PJSC, Eastern Mining and Processing Complex (SkhidGZK) SE, Ukrnafta PJSC, AEE GRIFRE, DTEK LLC and others.

In particular, the following participants of the sectoral exposition showed their presentations:
SE NNEGC Energoatom - the largest electricity producer in Ukraine, the operator of all nuclear power plants - presented traditionally the exposition with the participation of Zaporizka, Rivnenska, Yuzhnoukrainska, and Khmelnytska nuclear power plants. To date, one of the major investment projects of Energoatom is the construction of the third and fourth units of Khmelnytska NPP, which is the largest investment project that Energoatom implements with the participation of European companies. The specialists’ attention was drawn by the presented three-dimensional models of nuclear power plants.

On the stands of separated subdivisions of Energoatom, the following exhibits were displayed:
SS Atomenergomash
- product samples and information about the services of repairing the equipment for nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and other enterprises of various industries. The head and the shank end of the fuel assembly, the samples of quick-detachable thermal insulation, the model of tubular electric heater KD, and the elements of air coolers, etc were of particular interest.
SS Emergency and Technical Center (SS ETC) - new machinery and equipment ensuring the constant readiness of the ETC to the prompt actions in case of emergency at the Energoatom production sites.
State concern Nuclear Fuel presented four enterprises - Eastern Mining and Processing Complex (SkhidGZK), State company Smoly, State company Dnipropetrovsk Precision Pipe Plant and Ukrainian Industrial Technology Scientific Research and Project Exploration Institute. Among the visitors at the stand discussing the future possibilities and directions of further collaboration with the Concern and its members, there were some representatives of the companies and diplomatic missions, including: the AREVA representative office in Ukraine, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Ukraine, TVEL OJSC, Rusatom Overseas CJSC and others.
Eastern Mining and Processing Complex prepared a presentation of the Novokostiantynivka mine activity, which familiarized the visitors with some samples of uranium ores of the Novokostiantynivka deposit, a model of the industrial site of the mine, and a project design of the ground complex. A special interest of the visitors was provoked by a vessel with "uranium concentrate". Everyone would like to see what is hidden inside the large metal containers under the name "finished products".
NPC Ukrenergo SE presented some models of backbone networks and operative-dispatch control of the United Energy System of Ukraine, which cover the entire territory of Ukraine. The company employees informed the visitors of the exhibition about conducting a major reconstruction and modernization of the networks of NPC Ukrenergo and its substation equipment, as well as implementation of new technologies in the substations.
Centrenergo PJSC presented the work of the three thermal power plants: Trypilska TPP in Kyivska oblast, Zmiivska TPP in Kharkivska oblast and Vuhlehirska TPP in Donetska oblast; acquainted the visitors with the priority tasks on reconstruction and upgrading of power generating units.
Ukrhydroenergo PJSC acquainted the visitors with the information on the enterprise activity, its history, and the plans of reconstruction and modernization of the hydroelectric power stations.


When seeing round the exhibition, official delegation of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and guests of honour paid special attention to the enterprises, which work actively in the territories of Donetska and Luhanska oblasts liberated from the gunmen:
- Sloviansk high voltage insulators works - the leading enterprise of Ukraine manufacturing electrotechnical ceramic insulators;
- Sloviansk high voltage equipment works manufacturing measuring voltage and current transformers;
- Severodonetsk RPA "Impulse" - a developer and manufacturer of highly reliable monitoring and control systems for nuclear and thermal energy and rail transport.

Of course, the particular interest was called by the expositions of the companies, which products have a successful brand and enjoy high confidence and demand among consumers:
- Siemens Ukraine
(Kyiv) – the representative of the largest international concern and the world leader in the manufacture of a wide range of products, solutions and services for the energy industry. The PG Department (Power Generation) presented the product line of industrial turbines, including the turbines of block-module modification.
- Multisectoral company "Ukrenergy Holding" (Zaporizhzhia) – a supplier of a full range of high-voltage electrotechnical equipment produced by MGC Moser PFIFFNER Messwandler AG, Glaser AG, Brugg Cables (Switzerland), AEG Industrial Engineering GmbH (Germany).
- Research-and-production enterprise "Radiy" (Kirovohrad) - a developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-tech innovative products in the field of automated control and protection systems for the facilities of nuclear power industry.
- Turboatom (Kharkiv) – one of the leading producers of steam turbines for nuclear and thermal power plants, hydraulic turbines for hydro power plants and hydraulic working machines for pumped-storage hydro power plants, gas turbines and CHP for thermal power plants and other power engineering equipment.
- Poltava Turbomechanical Plant (Poltava) - one of the basic enterprises of the "Ukrrosmetal" concern specialising in the production of assemblies and parts for the repair and reconstruction of steam turbines and compressor equipment.
- NASOSENERGOMASH Pump & Power Engineering Works (Sumy) - one of the largest enterprises in the machine-building complex of Ukraine specialising in the manufacture of pumping equipment, power-generating sets and complex hydraulic systems for various industries and power sector.
- Enterprises from the Czech Republic: (ARMATURY Group a.s., ATEKO a.s., ATOMEX, DEL a.s, Master Therm s.r.o., Mastergear GmbH o.s., MICo spol. s.r.o., P.K.Invest s.r.o.) and Slovakia (Kompaflex-D.M.M s.r.o, SARMAT LT s.r.o., STM POWER a.s.), ready to supply their products for the energy sector of Ukraine.
- Representative office of SOCAR (the State oil company of Azerbaijan Republic) - engaged in the production and transportation of oil and gas, refining and marketing of oil products in the local and international markets.

Among the participants of the trade fair, there were well-known manufacturers and suppliers of energy, electrotechnical equipment, appliances, devices, systems of automation, and IT-solutions:
Representation Omicron Electronics GmbH (Kyiv), Electrotechnical Plant RELSiS, PJSC (Kyiv), Eltiz PE (Zaporizhzhia), RPE Khartron-Inkor LLC (Kharkiv), Ukrteplokeramik LLC (Kharkiv), Ukrainian Heat LLC (Kyiv), Keramoterm LLC (Kharkiv), Institute of Electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv), T.L. Industrial LLC (Kyiv), Turboatom (Kharkiv), Eknis-Ukraine LLC (Kyiv), Kharkiv Electrotechnical Factory Energomera, JSC (Kharkiv), and many others.
During 3 working days the trade fair was attended by near 3000 visitors.


The extensive programme of the Forum covered a wide range of sectoral scientific and applied activities on all pressing issues of the energy industry. Conferences, seminars, and round tables focused the specialists’ attention on power strategy of Ukraine, increase of the level of power safety, attraction of investments, provision of the effective functioning of the power system, modernisation and technical re-equipment of the industry.

By tradition, heads of the state authorities, national and private power companies, leaders of the enterprises manufacturing power and electrotechnical equipment, representatives of the international investment and financial structures, analysts, well-known scientists and industry experts took part in the events.

Some round tables were held: "European Prospect: Increasing the Efficiency of the UEC of Ukraine. Its Current State and Problems" (organizers: Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and NPC Ukrenergo SE), and "The State of Implementation of the European Directives in the Energy Sector". Traditionally, as part of the "Day of Nuclear Energy" (organizers: Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, SE NNEGC Energoatom, and the Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association) there were the round table "The Nuclear Industrial Complex is the Guarantee of Energy security" and the panel discussions "The Strategy and Priorities for the Development of the Nuclear Industry in Ukraine", and "Investments and innovations. The International Experience for Ukraine".

The Conference "Oil and gas complex on the way of reforming, modernization and development» (organizers: Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine) was devoted to the issues of reform and transparency of the extractive industries, and the energy security. Separately, the round table "Organization and civil and fire protection at FEC enterprises" on the implementation of security measures at the facilities of energy industry (organizer - Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine). An interactive lesson with schoolchildren for the prevention of the children's electrical injuries on a theme: "Let's make friends with electricity!" (organizers: Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, Kharkivoblenergo OJSC).

NEW! As part of the ХІІ International Forum "Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine: the Present and the Future", the 1st All-Ukrainian seminar of power engineers took place. The urgency of the thematic sections, attraction of authoritative experts and lecturers, wide access of engineers and managers of middle and senior level to the possibility of acquiring the professional knowledge and skills determined the success of the event and the decision on its annual conducting.

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