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Report on the results of
XI International Trade Fair

September 24-27 at the International Exhibition Center was held the annual International specialized exhibition "Arms and Security-2014". The exhibition "Arms and Security" held in Ukraine for the 11th consecutive year, but this year it focused the most attention, "because the issue of weapons, security of the country, opposing military aggression are relevant and priority", said during his visit to the exhibition the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov.

Not accidentally at the same time with the exhibition "Arms and Security-2014" was held the IX International Exhibition for Aviation and Space Industry "Aviasvit - XXI". Ukraine is one of the few countries that have their own aerospace industry, and the level of development of the state military-industrial complex and the aerospace industry is directly related with country's defense.

First time carried out in a common format expositions allowed to familiarize with opportunities of these industries and get a lot of positive feedbacks from both exhibitors and visitors from the events.

The opening ceremony of the exhibitions was held with the country's leadership participation and under the focus of media representatives (a total of more than 80 accredited media). The exhibition was opened by:
- Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov;
- The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov;
- Ukrainian Defense Minister Valeriy Geletey;
- Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak;
- Director General of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" Roman Romanov;
- President and General Designer of the state enterprise "Antonov" Dmitry Kiva;
- People's Deputy of Ukraine, Honorary President of the company "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslayev,
representatives of the Presidential Administration, the National Security Council of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the military attaches that accredited in Ukraine.

Also, the exhibition was attended by official delegations from 9 countries: the Slovak Republic, headed by the Minister of Defence, Republic of Latvia, headed by the Minister of Defence, Republic of Lithuania, led by Vice-Minister of National Defence, Georgia, Algeria, Italy, Malaysia, as well as representatives of NATO.

After the opening ceremony honored guests visited the stands of participants – 110 companies, including 13 foreign companies from 4 countries (India, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic), which on the area of ​​over 6,000 square meters presented their products and new developments - tanks and armored vehicles, light armored vehicles, "smart" missiles and artillery shells, drones, sighting systems, infantry weapons, body armor, thermal imagers, night vision devices, communications equipment, uniforms and ammunition.

After inspection of expositions the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that a number of developments of the military - industrial complex, represented in the capital of Ukraine at the XI International specialized exhibition "Arms and Security 2014", will be sent directly from the exposure to the area of ​​military operation.

"All companies that are ready to give practical results will be loaded with orders in full. We now need to have a real air defense systems, weapons, and winter clothes - said Turchinov. – We have no time to wait. We should use to strengthen our Armed Forces, National Guard, police units the best models of weapons and military protection. And it is here during this exhibition the contracts that will provide our militaries with the means in which we need today will be signed"- said Turchinov.

The list of such means entered the Polish drones, which, according to representatives of the Air Force Institute of Technologies (ITWL), can lift up to 15 pounds of payload, including weapons, as well as "complexes to neutralize enemy drones." According to the head of the parliament, such systems directly from the exhibition will go to the zone of the military operation.

The exhibition is held under the patronage of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies (Ministry of Defense, the National Guard, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service of Ukraine, the State Border Service), they are the main customers, who can choose from the best examples of the most necessary and create the newest face of the Ukrainian army.

29 enterprises of the State Concern "Ukroboroprom" presented at their stands new types of weapons and military equipment, which has traditionally been in great demand in foreign markets. Among the major companies that presented at an exhibition the latest developments - the state joint-stock holding company "Artem", SE "Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant "Aviacon", SE "GKKB "Luch." In their arsenal - high-precision mechanisms, guided missiles, optical equipment and other modern weapons. These achievements will be the basis for the equipment of the Ukrainian army.

During the exhibition, there were held negotiations and meetings of the Minister of Defence and the Director General of the SC "Ukroboronprom" with official delegations from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Georgia, Malaysia, Algeria, and the representative of NATO, where they discussed issues of further development of military-technical cooperation between the countries.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on the exhibition "Arms and Security - 2014" was presented by the State-Owned Science-Industrial Association "Fort", which presented the modern models of small arms, the State Security Service of Ukraine, State Automobile Inspection, the State Scientific Research Institute. Among the exhibits were remote electric shockers and stun grenades, special equipment to suppress the action of explosive devices, expert-criminalistics activity, a variety of weapons, police and other special vehicles.

Among other Ukrainian producers were exhibited such enterprises as "KrAZ", which produces military armored vehicles, "Yuzhmash" - a project of cruise missiles and tactical missile complexes, "Antonov" (his representatives are ready to launch a series of AN-70).
On a platform of "Practika" company, besides traditional agiotage round "the Ukrainian Hammer" - armored combat "Kozak", attention was drawn to mobile armored roadblock, equipped with everything necessary, and compares favorably with makeshift fortifications of concrete blocks with the possibility of year-round use.

According to the results of the exposure inspection Alexander Turchynov ensured that Ukrainian defense products will be a priority in government procurements for the Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There was announced that the MoD and the National Guard will get "several modifications of military-transport helicopter Mi-8" from "Motor Sich". Also order was received by Kharkov tank factory, which will put the new armored vehicles of various modifications and other armored vehicles.

As pointed out in his address to the public by the commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, part of domestic armored vehicles presented at the exhibition, is in service with the National Guard and has already passed certain tested during the anti-terrorist operation. It's pleasure that the identified shortcomings in the tests were taken into account by manufacturers and are presented at the exhibition with the practical observations.

Besides the military samples, many companies introduced the samples of dual-use items that are available for the civilians. As usual, the most crowded place at the exhibition was the part of the pavilion where the stands with arms for hunting, sport and self-defense, historical weapons, goods for extreme forms of recreation were situated.

The exposition of "Ibis" company, as always, was presented with a variety of weapons and tactical gear: Weapon (H-S Precision, Remington, Blaser, Sauer, Hatsan, SAKO TRG, Taurus, UTAS, ATA ARMS, UZKON, MKM-072, Howa), accessories (Magpul, CAA, Leapers, Allen), clothing and footwear (Defcon, SITKA GEAR, Danner, SOD, Omniteksas, Primavera, Snugpak), knives (Blackhawk!, Zero Tolerance, Kershaw, MORA, PARTNER, Microtech, Spyderco, FKMD, Hogue, Boker, Cold Steel, SKIF, Chris Reeve, Remington), optics (Zeiss, Nikon, Pentax, Dipol, Shield, Aimpoint), lights (Olight, Nitecore), etc.

The company "Tsarskaya ohota" - the first and the only salon in Ukraine, which offers a full range of services for the acquisition of exclusive, artificial, shotguns high parsing introduced such world brands as Bernardelli, Betinsolli, Sabatti, Holland & Holland, Perugini-Visini, Fratelli Poli Armi, L.Bosis, Cosmi, Karl Hauptmann, Perazzi, Grulla, Armi Magap.

LLC "Latek" - the largest private plant in Ukraine producing weapons, engaged in the manufacture and sale of air weapons, traumatic, chambered for Flaubert, smoothbore firearms hunting and sport, as well as sports equipment. Very popular in the exhibition use Safari RF revolvers chambered for Flaubert, which do not require a special permit for the acquisition, traumatic gun Safari, hunting rifles "Altai".

Traditionally, one of the most visited stands at the exhibition was the stand of "Tactical Systems" company, which showed as a hunting weapons (including own production), and special-purpose weapon. Special attention to all categories of visitors attracted such topical products like clothing, footwear and equipment for winter season.

Within the business program of the exhibition was held the International Conference "Security in Eastern Europe - challenges and threats. Military - technical cooperation - an important component of the development of weapons and defense of Ukraine", organized by the International Exhibition Centre, the Association "Ukrainian defense technology" and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. In preparation for the conference actively participated Central Research Institute of weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the State Research Institute of Aviation of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

An international conference was held during two days. On the first day of the conference at the plenary session were discussed issues "Security in Eastern Europe - challenges and threats. Military-technical cooperation with the countries of the EU and the United States - an important component of the development of weaponary and defense of Ukraine." The second day of the conference took place in sections, where the following issues were discussed:
- Perspectives of land forces armament development. Cooperation of defense industry enterprises with foreign companies, as the main direction of military-technical cooperation and the basis for the creation of new types of weapons and military equipment;
- Perspectives of military aviation development. Cooperation of defense industry enterprises with foreign companies, as the main direction of military-technical cooperation and the basis for the creation of new samples of aviation technique.

In total the conference was attended by about 500 experts, including representatives of the foreign ministries of Defense and NATO. Plenary was addressed by 15 speakers, in the work of the sections was carried out 45 reports. Their views on security issues in Eastern Europe expressed the conference organizers, representatives of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Vice-Minister of National Defense Republic of Lithuania, the representative of the NATO International Staff, People’s Deputies, General Director of the "Ukroboronprom", general designers and experts.

Exhibition and international conference helped to promote the dialogue on the further development of military-technical cooperation in this area. Following the results of the conference, it is determined that the purpose of the cooperation should be:
1. enhanced cooperation with the leading companies of the EU and the United States in order to purchase and use of certain high-tech subsystems to improve technical characteristics of Ukrainian defense products;
2. the establishment of joint cooperation between defense enterprises and companies from different countries to develop and manufacture new models of the weapons and military techniques to cover the needs of the Armed Forces;
3. to achieve the coordination of state programs of military and technical cooperation and a gradual transition to the implementation of joint development of the individual orders of weapons and military equipment by defense ministries of several countries. Ukrainian experts believe that the first thing we can talk about is joint development of new weapons orders by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with the defense ministries of the countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltics.

According to conference participants, it will significantly reduce the costs of every separate country in the development of modern weapons, to create new cooperative links and load enterprise with orders, that is what our defense industries require.

For Ukraine - the development of military-technical cooperation is also important in terms of real occurrences of Ukrainian enterprises in the European Economic Area, and should be one of the real steps of Ukraine to the implementation of the signed documents of the Association with the EU.

The results of the survey of exhibitors confirm the perspective of further development of the exhibition:
1 positive view on the development of the exhibition - 86% of participants
2 estimate for organization of the exhibition
"Excellent" - 79% of participants
"Well," set - 15% of participants
3 Evaluation of the visitor audience
satisfied by the quantity and composition of the audience of visitors - 68%
satisfied only by the number of visitors - 19%
satisfied only by the composition audience of visitors – 13%
4 Does your company plan to take part in the exhibition next time?
Yes – 86%
Have not decided yet -14%

Over the four days of the exhibition was attended by more than 5,000 representatives of law enforcement ministries and departments of Ukraine, weapons enterprises; professionals security technologies market; and private persons that are interested in weapons, ammunition and equipment.